ADMagma Description
AdMagma is a CPC advertisement network, working with domestic and international Advertisers and publishers. Started in 2009, AdMagma is dedicated to getting rid of annoying advertisements on the internet and making them more relevant to the website and visitors. AdMagma achieves this goal using state of the art software that delivers relevant advertisements using advanced keyword, channel and geographic targeting. Which in term helps advertisers reach potential customers, and publishers earn more from their work. This system is also very useful to the general web users as well. Over all AdMagma is improving online advertisements one page at a time.Commission type: CPC
Ad types available: 1. Text ads
2. Image text ads
3. Banner ads
– Full Banner (468 X 60)
– Half Banner (234 X 60)
– Leaderboard (728 X 90)
– Skyscraper (120 X 600)
– Wide Skyscraper (160 X 600)
– Wide Skyscraper 2 (160 X 400)
– Vertical Banner (120 X 240)
– Button (125 X125)
– Medium Rectangle (300 X 250)
– Square Box (250 X 250)
– Small Rectangle (180 X 150)
– Large Rectangle (336 X 280)
Min publisher payment : $ 100
Payment : Net 60
Frequency: 1st of each month and up on special request.
Payment method: PayPal, Check and wire
Country: India, USA and International
Contact: 1. Phone: 1(888)633-1567
2. E-mail Form on site
3. Live Chat
** All support are in house staffs, NO CALL CENTERS**

ADMagma Details
Commission Type: In-text, CPC
Minimum Payment: $ 100
Payment Frequency: 1st of every month
Payment Method: Paypal,Check,Wire
Country: India,also have an office in NY
Contact: Telephone:1(888)633-1567
Email:[email protected]
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ADMagma Payment Proof
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6 Responses to "ADMagma(Closed)"

  1. Anand says:

    AdMagma is no more available. Their domain has expired and they are out of business it seems.

  2. 3zonepata says:

    Thanks.. I just singup today… 🙂

  3. A publisher must earn $100.00 before being paid now, as well payments are made on only the 1st of every month. We offer Both Text ads and Hybrid Image Text ads, We pay 60% of the CPC rate. visit

  4. Tony says:

    The min payout is $50 now, pays through PayPal, Check, Wire and ad credit. Only network that lets you transfer your publisher earning into advertiser credit. Great support too not like other networks, live chat, form, and phone. Avialable 24/7

  5. SEO Jason says:

    Hey: Website Owner! I like your WordPress blog and I got to your site thru Google so I figure you could make some bank off of this. There is a WordPress addon for SEO that does automated SEO for your website, automated SEO addons like this are new to the blog scene so having this would give your page a huge jump in views. If you’re serious about helping your blog get bigger and make money then check it out @ Thanks, keep up the good work.

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