Technorati Media(Closed)

Technorati Media Network Description
Technorati Media is an integrated online media company with an advertising network, a social rich media technology platform, and three owned web properties including the internet’s largest blog directory. Launched in June 2008, Technorati Media’s ad network has quickly grown into the largest social media ad network (over 1,300 independent sites, blogs, and social networks), boasting an audience of 63 million US unique visitors a month. Technorati Media is the 25th largest media property in the US, the 3rd largest social media property and the 2nd largest blog property.
Technorati Media Network Details
Commission Type: CPC(Cost Per Click), CPM(Cost Per Impressions)  Banner, Half Page , Portrait, Pushdown, Pushdown,Billboard, Marquee, Skin/Wallpaper, Interstitial/Overlay, Video Pre-Roll
Minimum Payment: $ 50
Payment Frequency: NET45
Payment Method: Paypal,Cheque
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:
Email:[email protected]
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Technorati Media Payment Proof
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9 Responses to "Technorati Media(Closed)"

  1. Ronen Raveh says:

    CPM Rate higher

  2. alvin says:

    Alright I had enough. Been with these guys for a while and no more. The customer service is horrible! If anything goes wrong, good luck getting hold of anyone. Secondly, the ads slows your site down to a crawl. Also they don’t support https, so if your site does (more likely since google started ranking https site higher), expect a good amount of broken element. And here was my last straw, they stopped paying out, nope my account is still active, the widgets are still working but no response and no check? STAY FAR FAR AWAY from these guys (TechnoratiMedia)!!

  3. Umar says:

    this is the best adntwork

  4. Rana Naveed says:

    Thanks i will try it on my site

  5. Huzaifa says:

    nice I will try this on my site

  6. samer says:

    It works on Net 60 basis

  7. jade says:

    i’ve received the Mar payment.

  8. xenman says:

    Thanks for the information i will try on my site

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