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nPlexMedia  Network Description
nPlexMedia  is a free service which matches advertisers with website publishers of all sizes to display relevant advertisments that intrige customers and create leads.
SSL ads
URL shortener
Monthly payment
Low payout as $1
CPM and CPC basis
Dynamic high CPM
Real Time Bid system
Targeting via date, country, city, browser, OS
Frequency capping
Transfert credit from Publisher to Advertiser
Banners : banners, html tags, popunder, interstitial ads, Full Page, Slide-In and mobile
nPlexMedia  Network Details
Commission Type:
Minimum Payment: $ 1
Payment Frequency:
Monthly instant payment
Payment Method: Paypal, Moneybookers ( skrill)
Contact: Telephone:
Email: [email protected]
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nPlexMedia  Payment Proof
nplexmedia payment proof
nPlexMedia January Payment
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160 Responses to "nPlex Media"

  1. the biggest scam i everr seen in my life

  2. coathill says:

    can you say another CPM site like nplexmedia or xtendadvert for my blogger site? too many cpm sites counts very very bad.. nplexmedia was amazing :(

  3. Wanda says:

    so ot is worth to try or not?

  4. Cristiano says:

    Still not paid from september hope they are not scam $62,26 :-(

  5. Low CPM says:

    Low CPM: $0.03

  6. zieluu24 says:

    Recommend Team. Daily Payout

  7. fbabke says:

    $ 1-2 pays little money.
    If you earn more money.
    Turns your account without notice. An unreliable network
    suspended my sites.

  8. Mr.Domingo says:

    Please take caution. I have not received payment for June.


  9. Sam says:

    whenever i go to, my antivirus says that “object is infected by Trojan.Script.Iframer.a”
    help nplexstaff

  10. says:

    I get paid twice from nplexmedia

  11. zieluu says:

    SCAM no payment 22.51 $

    • dharma reza says:

      nplexMedia still pay until right now it was very happy they still pay me but verification site was very long with nplexmedia

  12. Mr.Domingo says:

    Hello everyone,
    NplexMedia is a Legit Network, they have made quick payments and pay well.
    Thank you Nplexmedia!
    Have a nice day,

  13. Binh Nguyen says:

    trusted network

    i have received payment from may

  14. h4a says:

    legit or scam ?

  15. publisher says:

    still two months

    payment not recived ?

  16. Cristiano says:

    Thank you nplexmedia for my payment from april see proof


  17. jack says:

    No payment is received. March, April.
    Send email did not respond. Anxiety

  18. There is a new ad network CPM and CPC basis called Nox CPM (
    They pay weekly, $10 min payout, 80% Revenue Share, Multiple Ad Formats, Premium Support 24/7 and 100% Fill Rate (I got this info from their website).
    So far it’s working very well to me. You may give it a try :)

  19. Affiliate says:

    Hello nPlexMedia
    Where is The Payment ?????
    March and Aprill

  20. Publisher says:

    Hello nPlexMedia

    Where is The Payment ?????

    March and Aprill

  21. cpmuser says:

    Hello My PayPal Payment Not Recived

    I Sent You Email But No Response

  22. nplexmedia says:

    There were some issues with paypal and you got wrong amounts.all publishers are requested to send back wrong amount back to us and we will send the correct amount to you.

  23. Revenue says:

    I also got my payment for march earning.

  24. Vad'as Montagen says:

    I got payment for march earning.

  25. mdiaz00147 says:

    I dunno whats going on with this guys, i paid them $50 for adversite my ads and its been already 4 days, they dont answer my tickets or my mails, i really dont know what to say or if i should place a dispute in paypal.

  26. Mr Princess says:

    SHitty fucking CPM

  27. Publisher says:

    Really Scam Ad Network

    The Minimum Payout Chenged $1 usd to $ 5 usd

    and Not Paying Last Month Payment , This Month Immps Not Counting

    Dont Join This NetWork

    :: SCAM SCAM SCAM ::

    • nPlexMedia says:

      We increased our minimum payout from $1 to $5 and asked all our publishers is they would agree to it, since it would make more send to receive a minimum $5 payout instead of only $1 per month. Sine all of out publishers thought it was fair and agreed that it made more sense we changed it to $5, and we still have the lowest payout in the industry. All payments to our publishers go out every month on a timely basis, any payments not already received by our publishers should be communicated to our sales department via email right away.


      • Vietanh15 says:

        Why my score was enough without being plus $

      • webteller says:

        In the month of March I have already more than $5 – nplexmedia not send the money but they make my $5 to $0.4 can you clear that one? until now I have only $0.4 but I have no recieved on that money. Waste $5!

  28. Saman says:


  29. zhofier says:

    My first payment from Nplexmedia

  30. Mr Princess says:

    The Real Sick Ads
    My Balance all Gone

  31. Vad'as Montagen says:

    Waiting for March Earning :)

  32. nPlex Media says:

    Our lawyer will take this in charge.

    You asked us to remove your account so we did.
    You were sending robot traffic , that’s why CPM dropped.
    Now you are saying we are scam, we will see you in court.

    Kind Regards

    • nPlex Media says:

      You are diffaming our business.

      All you are saying is not real. We are RTB network, so CPM varies depending on Advertisers Bid. if you got a good CPM then it dropped that means , Advertisers are not anymore satisfied from your traffic, so they are bidding low CPM,
      Our Terms:

      We’ll suit you in court for that. We have all infromations about you.
      Will take your case seriously.

      Do you think hiding behind your screen will not allow us to suit you ?


  33. Hi ,

    I have just apply for nPlexMedia at yesterday and i got ads approval within the same day , it is quite impressing for me , but i have one concern with them .

    actually i found that nplexmedia system was not calculate the my all traffic impression. is their any specific amount of time that system will take for show statistics .???

    Be honest i am use disk caching on my website so is that the reason for above issue .??

    waiting for official reply .

  34. Anil says:

    Hello ,

    Nplex Media Paying Site not scam

    dont write scam

  35. nPlex Media says:


    We will see if you’ll say that when we suit you in court for diffamation.

    Best Regards

    nPlexMedia Staff

    • nPlex Media says:


      We have some doubt about the fact that you have an account within our Network
      Our first priority is to sastify our customers.
      To our good willing. Please next time leave a comment build on something else than assomption.

      We will investigate on that very seriously, anyway.

      Kind Regards

  36. Vad'as Montagen says:

    NplexMedia is very very great CPM.
    the report are realtime, so we don’t waiting for view report.
    i was received payment in this network.

  37. Touhidur Rahman says:

    Received my first payment. Thanks admin…:)

  38. nPlex Media says:

    Dear publishers,

    We are glad to inform you that the payment process has been finished.

    All payments have been released via Paypal, Skrill and Litecoins for publishers that reached the minimum payout.

    Happy earning with

  39. mahabub says:

    anyone received payment of February earnings.

    • nPlex Media says:


      We are proceeding payments since March 1st.

      80% of our publishers have been paid.

      We will continue to have all publishers paid.

      Thank you for your patience.

      nPlexMedia Staff

    • Danny says:

      yes dear i have received payment of February earnings on 1st march.
      NPlex Media is the best.

  40. yesclix says:

    hi,I do not understand why my rate is 0.

  41. boy9032 says:

    I reciver new payment from Nplexmedia
    For first week they give me hight rate , after that rate lower ….. dont understand why ? and now i am not using this network.

  42. Prashanth says:

    Just Applied To nplexmedia… after hearing good reviews

    i had placed the ad in one of the best position on blog but awaiting for approval

    Lets see how nplxmedia will satisfy us..

  43. Anil says:

    Nplex Media Best CPC and CPM Ad Network in World
    Net-0 Payment Good.
    New Publishers and Advertisers Recommend

  44. Anil says:

    Best and Trusted Ad Network in World

    Thank you Nplex Media !

  45. hesham says:

    i have an error while to get the code , whats the problem ?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function publisher_place_edit() in /home/songippf/public_html/ on line 1505

  46. akehshnoda says:

    Thx for the payment…:D

  47. kaleidoscope93 says:

    Good Network! My first payment:

  48. joodeep says:

    Thanks nPlexMedia. This my fist payment.

  49. Khalid says:

    My first nplex payment

  50. petar says:

    nice company fast payments

  51. This is very nice media networking site .
    I am a Publisher of this website from last 4 months , and i have got payment every month on time .
    The payment system is very nice.

    And the last payment i have fount is as below :—

  52. Arjun says:

    Hello guys,i am new in see below attachment photo,that you see something wrong.i got 1 referrel member but they is not paying me 1$.but forget it,i also forgot it.but when i withdraw my money then it is get error,i don;t know what’s the error becuase it’s France language,so don’t know what’s the happen there…but interesting fact is today i reach the message about payment…and the message is.

    Dear publishers,

    Payments are being released.

    Please feel free to share your payment proof here:

    Thank you for your support

    Best Regards

    nPlexMedia Staff

    So what’s the going on…..i don’t trust in this network now,so i remove all ads from my site.

    • nPlex Media says:

      This guy is retarded.

      It’s well explained in our website that we pay 1usd for each Referred ACTIVE USER ( a User that reach 4usd of earning) which not yet the case of your case.
      That’s why you didn’t reach yet the payout ( your earning was 0,80 and not 1usd).

      Go and ask other 2000 users how they got their payment.


      nPlexMedia Staff

  53. olfx says:

    A good networkmedia!
    I have got the payment for Dec.
    Thank you!

  54. Télesphore says:

    Payement recu sans faille
    Suis rassuré
    Merci Nplexmedia

  55. longshot says:

    j’ai bien recu mon paiement tres rapidement
    je remercie nplexmedia pour ses outils et son proffesionalisme

  56. amenhot says:

    Really paying site!

  57. luis says:

    Thanks for the second payout very thrust admin already earn about 5 dollars with no much trafic but i do my best.

  58. olfx says:

    when do you pay for Dec.?

  59. hot_momma says:

    are they really paying $1 for every referred publisher?

  60. bayt says:

    This is proof that XtendMedia (nPlexMedia) really does pay me

  61. Chinta says:

    This site is Legit and Good. Just got my payment for Nov 2013. Cheers.

  62. nPlex Media says:

    Dear users,

    Please note that we had a recent bug that count the payment of this month Twice,
    for example
    if in october you have an earning of 10usd and in november 15usd,

    the total paid amount is shown: 10 + 2×15 = 40usd , which is wrong and should be 10+15 = 25.

    We are working hard to find the issue.

    Thank you for your comprehension

    Best Regards
    nPlexMedia Staff

  63. Aaron Brooke says:

    Scam! Don’t join this network. They scam your earning!
    I earned $61.67 but they only pay $29.20
    Here are limited with only 1 screenshot.
    See more here
    Completely scam network. I send them so much impressions and earned $61 but in my account summary, they said they pay me $61+ but I only received $29.20

    • nPlex Media says:

      Dear Aaro Brooke,
      If you look in the Total Amount paid for this month in your account you’ll see : $29.20
      You go to Payments > payments history ( attached here, which proove that you have been paid twice.)

      As for the Paid amount total, It’s a recend found bug, that has been reported by publishers yesterday, and we are working hard to find the issue.

      nPlexMedia Staff

  64. nPlex Media says:


    We would like to inform you that November 2013 payments have been released via Paypal & Skrill.

    Please , feel free to share your payment proofs here.

    Best Regards

    nPlex Media Staff

  65. nPlex Media says:


    We would like to inform you that November 2013 payments have been released via Paypal & MoneyBookers.

    Please , feel free to share your payment proofs here.

    Best Regards

    nPlexMedia Staff

  66. nPlex Media says:


    We would like to inform you that November 2013 Payments have been released via Paypal & MoneyBookers ( Skrill).

    Feel free to share your payment proof here.

    Best Regards

    nPlexMedia Staff.

  67. Pav says:

    scam adnetwork! stay away!! they don’t pay

  68. Pav says:

    Scam fake poof

    • Ben says:


      I’m Ben from nPlex Media, How you have been scammed by us?

      Before saying bullsh** about us , show proof that we have scammed you.

      At the moment we have All members ( more than 2000) happy with their earning.

      Regards Staff

      • nPlex Media says:


        We would like to inform you that November 2013 payments have been released via Paypal & MoneyBookers.

        Please , feel free to share your payment proofs here.

        Best Regards

        nPlexMedia Staff

  69. Chinta says:

    it seems that the ads only appeared on index page only and not in content.

  70. sohail lazy says:

    here’s my second payment proof !

  71. 1st month payment, very fast! on time payment!

  72. camelot says:

    my 1st payment,thanks

  73. cpmuser says:

    my 1st payment,thanks

  74. x16 says:

    Nice Ads Media,wish for your good business!

  75. Ben says:

    Dear Members,

    We are glad to announce that payments of October have been released.

    Best Regards

    Ben from

  76. CETUAN says:

    Great service, fast support and trusted Admin! Payment proof:

  77. jade says:

    XtendAds has changed the domain name from to and updated they algorithms.

  78. Ben says:

    Dear Publishers,

    We are glad to inform you that payment of September has been released.

    Kind Regards
    Ben from

  79. says:

    Waiting For Payout Date.
    CPM not show well give 60% CPM what thy told for every Place .
    Ads type Full Page 800×500 some time redirect.
    but well yeat
    hop pay us.

  80. Bella says:

    Great communication with admin.


  81. Kaps says:

    Really love it

  82. hak'x says:

    Great service and high cpm

  83. Jean Le grand says:

    Good enough.

    Thanks team

  84. steve says:

    Aww, bunch of fake comments..

  85. Quentin says:

    Très bon services !!!!


    Great service
    thx ;)

  86. tein says:

    I appreciate it.

  87. Yassine says:

    good work . i love it !

  88. Ghazi says:

    Bon travail

  89. nizar says:

    Good work

  90. Anas says:

    Great service, Good work !!

  91. Radj says:

    Nice plateform and high cpm ;)

  92. Hassen says:

    Finally ! Great service


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