YuMe Launches Industry-First “Mobile Flip” Video Ad Unit for Tablets

YuMe, the leading provider of digital brand advertising software and services, has introduced the next generation of advertising on mobile devices –a full-screen, interactive, mobile video ad unit called YuMe Mobile Flip.  Leveraging the native functionality of iOSand Android-based mobile devices, YuMe Mobile Flip creates a highly immersive advertising experience on tablets that allows consumers to instantly capture and retain key ad messages on one “slate” – or view – of a tablet device or smartphone, and then quickly “flip” to a second slate to interact further with the brand. Such deeper consumer connection often involves viewing more video content from the advertiser, visiting a mobile web site, engaging with social extensions, requesting more information, or making a purchase.With this new ad unit, YuMe is also offering brands for the first time the ability to do tablet-only ad campaigns targeting the fastest growing video viewing consumer devices ever released.


“YuMe Mobile Flip takes the mobile video experience to the next level by providing a seamless platform to further engage with consumers,” said Elizabeth Park, executive vice president, North America Marketing, Elizabeth Arden. “With the rapid growth of mobile videos, the ability to immediately interact with brands will be a key differentiator for mobile consumers.”

“Flipping” is as easy as tapping on the screen or swiping a finger across the screen to reveal the second slate, leveraging the native gesture controls popularized by the lean-back content consumption so popular on tablets today.With this new advertising experience, advertisers enforce rapid retention and recall of details by consumers, motivate purchasing decisions, create brand favorability, and drive brand lift.The YuMe Mobile Flip ad unit is the only full-screen, interactive, mobile video ad unit that allows consumers to switch between slates within a single video ad on tablets as well as smart phones.

“We’re known as one of the most progressive agencies around, as YuMe is known for their constant multi-screen innovation,” noted Kelley Train, group digital director at PHD Media. “Now,PHD clients will be the first to market with the YuMe Mobile Flip ad unit. We look forward to continuing our drive to deliver forward-thinking solutions that set our clients apart from the competition.”

“We’re excited to be a part of this mobile advertising innovation as we look to engage and inform consumers about our own latest inventions, including the justWink line of greeting cards,” said Alex Ho, executive director of marketing at American Greetings. “YuMe Mobile Flip is a great fit to offer them a rich, immersive user experience regardless of the viewer’s device operating system, screen size, or screen orientation.”

For example, YuMe Mobile Flip allows automotive brands to give consumers a 30-second, interactive video for a new automobile on one slate, from which they can flip to a second slate for a long form, video demo.  Entertainment brands can allow movie enthusiasts to preview an upcoming movie by presenting an interactive ad on one slate, from which the consumer can flip to a full length movie trailer.  Consumers can move back and forth between slates with a single tap or swipe, hastening their research and accelerating decisions.

Highly Interactive, Highly Immersive
YuMe Mobile Flip offers advertisers three options to customize each slate, creating an interactive, two-in-onead experience:

  • Image2Video:  A custom-built interactive slate flips to a video ad
  • Video2Image:  A video ad flips to a custom-built interactive slate
  • Video2Video:  A video ad flips to another video – such as a long-form video

With YuMe Mobile Flip, users also benefit from the brand engagement elements – unique, predesigned ad templates for creating call-to-action icons such as“Save the Date,” “Locate Us,”“Add to Calendar,” or “Call Now” reminders.  Furthermore, users can select a call icon to make an immediate call to the advertiser for more information, and can select social media interaction elements, such as Facebook or Twitter, from either slate.  These interactive elements simplify the user’s experience while driving brand engagement and video ad completions – ultimately driving brand lift for advertisers.

“YuMe Mobile Flip has opened a new horizon of opportunities for informing users and building brand preference,” said Scott Grenz, media director at GlaxoSmithKline, the global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company.  “Sophisticated consumers not only want information quickly, but demand details critical to making purchasing decisions.  With YuMe Mobile Flip, we can meet our consumers’ informational and decision-making needs in a single interaction – giving our brands a terrific opportunity to win in the categories in which we compete.”

YuMe Mobile Flip debuts as video becomes increasingly critical to the success of advertising to mobile connected device users. comScore reports that 38 percent of all digital time is conducted on mobile devices today, totaling 283 billion minutes in March 2012.  YuMe Mobile Flip’s ability to present still images or videos on either slate creates an engaging brand experience, which allows advertisers to achieve multiple campaign objectives, such as driving consumer engagement, social media interaction, and video ad completion.

Joins Extensive Ad Unit Family
YuMe Mobile Flip is the latest addition to YuMe’s extensive, rich tablet and smartphone ad unit offerings, which also include Pre-roll on Mobile, MultiPlay on Mobile, PowerRoll on Mobile, Mobile Tap2Motion, and Mobile 2Motion.  As a family, these ad units allow advertisers to meet a range of campaign objectives, such as building brand awareness, creating social engagement, and building consumer preference.

“With the addition of YuMe Mobile Flip, YuMe has taken a commanding position in enabling advertisers to reach today’s highly connected consumers on all ofthe devices they use in their professional and private lives,”  said Ed Haslam, senior vice president of marketing, YuMe.  “Our strategy with our suite of interactive ad unit offerings is to help advertisers and publishers lift their brands by delivering compelling video content to users on four screens – tablet, smartphone, PC and Connected TV.”

YuMe also supports advertisers by offering a comprehensive set of statistical and reporting capabilities in tandem with Mobile Flip, allowing advertisers to capture interactions such as number of flips, and video completion rates, as well as interactions with brand engagement elements.  This rich reporting capability enables advertisers to track user engagement and measure ad effectiveness.

For information about YuMe Mobile Flip, please visit the YuMe ad gallery at http://www.yume.com/content/ad-gallery-mobile-us-mobile-flip


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