H12-Media, an adsense alternative you must try

With growing number of websites and blogs, various new ad networks are being launched everyday. Though Google adsense is still the king when it comes to site or blog monetization, its not very easy to get an adsense account. If you are from India, there are less chances of you getting an adsense account as Google has more strict rules for Indian publishers due to lot of fraud. Your site also needs to be at least 6 months old to be considered for Google Adsense. So, I am going to tell an alternative ad networkwhich is not as good as adsense but definitely worth trying.

H12 Media review

H12 Media ad network is a new ad network which offers CPC, CPM and on-video banners. I have used chitika and infolinks in the past but the results were not good. So, I tried H12 Media and I am almost satisfied with it. The eCPM rates are decent.

One of the best things about them is that the minimum payout is $5. They pay on a daily basis. That means, you can request for a payment when your earnings reach $5. You will be paid via paypal within 24 hours. They also have other payment options like bank transfer but the payment threshold is higher in that case.

The other thing which I liked about H12 Media is that their ads look very good and eye catching. They look like adsense ads which obviously increases the CTR (Click through rate) and thus increases your earnings. Chitika and infolinks are worst in appearance and they make the site look spammy. Although I am using both of these networks as of now, I plan to remove them soon.

Here is a screenshot of the ads report from H12 Media account.
h12-media reports

As you can see in the picture above, CPM is high when there are more conversions. For those who don’t know, Conversion is when the clicks on ads result into a sale or a lead. Getting back to H12, You need to get quality traffic to get more conversions.

Don’t worry about the low CPM

Many people may think that this is the worst CPM rate and obviously its not the best. But the fact is that other B-grade ad networks pay you even lower CPM. I have seen publishers getting $0.00 CPM. The main factor behind CPM rate is the quality of traffic to which the ads are served. If you are targeting high CPC keywords, you will get good CPM rates. Traffic from western countries like USA, UK also results into high CPM.

Why you should try H12 Media ad network

Well, this ad network is not for those who are already using Adsense because adsense is the best. Adsense ads can bring you 10 times more dollars than H12 Ad network. But, everyone is not lucky to have an adsense account. Specially, newbie bloggers find it difficult to choose the right adsense alternative to monetize their traffic. They finally end up making their site look unprofessional and ugly by displaying non-contextual and spammy ads. If you are getting lots of traffic from India, Pakistan etc and were rejected for adsense, you can try H12 Media ad network.

Below is a a screenshot of the payemnt request.


Pros of H12 Media ad network

  • Application approval process easy.
  • No minimum traffic required.
  • Decent CPM rate for Indian traffic.
  • Good-looking display ads.
  • Minimum payout is $5.
  • Payments within 24 hours.
  • Supports almost all countries.
  • No CPC ads. Only CPM ads.
  • CPM depends on conversions.
  • Non-targeted ads.
  • No realtime reporting.

Cons of H12 Media ad network

Some have been using H12 Media ad network for a long time now and found it satisfactory. All the information given above is based on real experience with the network. So, if you are a blogger and want to monetize your blog, Go ahead and sign up for H12Media ad network, totally worth a shot.

Review H12-Media Here   Or  Join Here


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