The List of the Top 20 Global Ad Networks and Platforms by Quantcast

Directly measured entities with public Quantcast Measure profiles, October 2014

This week, Quantcast released our list of the top 20 global ad networks and platforms with public Quantcast Measure profiles. Rubicon Project took the top position, with a global reach in October of 544 million people. OpenX and Sovrn rounded out the top three, underscoring the heavy representation of ad exchanges and supply-side platforms on the list due to their role as inventory aggregators.


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In our list of the top 20 global ad networks and platforms with public Quantcast Measure profiles,Rubicon Project takes the number one position with a reach of 544 million people globally in October.OpenX Ad Exchange and the content-style ad platform Adblade take the other top spots, while a diverse array of ad platforms and ad networks fill out the remainder of the top 20.

Representation Across Formats

To assemble this list, we looked at ad networks and platforms that use Quantcast Measure and choose to share their profiles publicly. While not inclusive of all ad networks and platforms, this list does provide insight into the diverse makeup of the global online advertising ecosystem. Occupying the top positions are ad exchanges and supply side platforms, including the supply-side platformSovrn, which is expected given their roles as inventory aggregators. The presence of Adblade in the top three also demonstrates the wide adoption of content-based advertising. Online video is represented by SpotXchange and AnyClip, both video advertising platforms. And ad networks continue to play an important role: J Carter Marketingengage:BDR and IDG TechNetwork are just a few examples that appear in the top 20.

Rapid Growth

Some entities exhibited astounding audience growth from the previous quarter. Comparing reach figures from July to October, we found three entities that more than doubled their reach.WebSpectator had the most dramatic growth rate, reaching 184% more people in October than in July. SpotXchange grew the most in absolute terms, reaching over 270 million more people over the same time period, good for a 180% growth rate. Burst Media grew 109% from July to October.

The Importance of Being Global

Global markets hold the key for achieving eye-popping user reach. Nine of the entities on our list, including four of the top five, reached more than 50% of their audience outside of the U.S. Three entities, BidVertiserAd4Game and Game Advertising Online, saw 80% or more of their reach from outside the U.S. With a total online population estimated at 2.8 billion [], the U.S. population of 319 million can only take you so far.

It’s worth taking a step back to think about their significance of these large global reach numbers. Rubicon Project reached 544 million people in October — that’s approximately 20% of the world’s online population. Facebook reports to reach 1.35 billion people monthly — that’s almost half of the global online population, and close to one in every five persons, full stop [U.S. Census Bureau]. The infrastructure for digital advertising and media is clearly now global, and we look forward to tracking its growth with Quantcast Measure and in future reports.

Notes on Methodology:

The Top Global Ad Networks and Platforms list draws from ad networks and platforms that are directly measured by Quantcast Measure and have chosen to share their traffic profile publicly. Entities are ranked by their global 30-day people number, which is a modeled number that represents the unduplicated audience reach across an entity’s Web and Mobile Web properties.  The Top Global Ad Networks and Platforms list only includes entities that work with third-party publishers to monetize their inventory with advertising. Publishers that sell advertising, but exclusively against their owned-and-operated properties, are not included.

Source: Quantcast

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