Superlinks Network Description

Superlinks is a display advertising publisher network that gives websites, blogs, forums and content networks the ability to earn money from their website traffic. Our team is focused on helping publishers earn the highest possible CPM rates for their advertising inventory through auction based ad exchanges.
We are a division of Admanage S.A. that was created to discover creative new advertising formats to deliver targeted advertisements. To achieve this, we created a collection of monetization tools that stand out, get more clicks, and generate more revenue.

Superlinks is a display ad network and a monetization platform offering a multitude of ad units for website and mobile publishers. Publishers are able to create and add a number of different ad styles to generate additional revenue for their site. Superlinks has partnered with Doubleclick Ad Exchange by Google, OpenX and Appnexus displaying only the best brand advertisers within the ad units.

A New Era Of Website Monetization

The Superlinks division of Admanage SA was created to change the way online publishers earn money from their websites. Over the years we’ve worked with some of the Internet’s largest publishers and this has taught us a lot about how to increase the revenue potential of any website.
We’ve hand-picked the very best website monetization specialists from the Admanage team and formed Superlinks with the goal of creating the smartest most profitable display advertising units available to display ad publishers. We’ve already signed on some big names and helped them increase their website’s display ad revenue anywhere from 125% up to 300%.
We’re just getting started. We’re about to release some amazing new products that create a whole host of new monetization strategies such as a new contextual text link product. Our core focus is to strive to continually create unique, engaging and high CPM revenue earning ad units for our display ad publishers.

Superlinks Network Details
Commission Type: CPC /CPM Exit Links,Display Ads,Footer,Interstitial,Tower
Minimum Payment: Paypal and payoneer is $100.  wires is $500
Payment Frequency:  Net 35, meaning 35 days after the end of the current month
Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire
Country: Panama
Contact: Telephone: +1 (866) 541-7908
Email: [email protected]
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Superlinks Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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  1. welly says:

    superlinks and native ads is the same company , I wish I can join one of them

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