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H12 Media Network Description

H12-Media is a company that focused on some rich kind of advertising banner models for publishers and advertisement agencies.

For publishers, our purpose is increasing their revenues from their websites. We are trying to do this by providing them some creative ways such as sliding banners, fixed position banners or on-video banners.

While boosting their revenues with theese models, we also offer standart banner types such as 468×60, 728×90, 300×250 etc. for publishers.

While doing this job, we offer weekly payments for our publishers in order to create a confidence between them. We are looking for long term partnership always, and confidence between H12-Media and it’s publishers is the most important matter.

For agencies, we give them ability to use our system. We offer agencies a control panel to manage their publishers, change banner tags and run reports. While agencies get the ability of serving sliding banners, fixed position banners or on-video banners for their publishers, agencies and of course their publishers make more revenue. We apply a CPM based pricing model for agencies.

H12 Media Network Details
Commission Type: CPM,CPC (Standart Banner, Fixed Position Banner, On Video Banner )
Minimum Payment: Paypal is 5 USD, and 500 USD for Wire Transfer
Payment Frequency: Daily, Request
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire Transfer.
Country: TURKEY
Contact: Telephone: +90 (0) 222 220 64 69
Email: [email protected]
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H12 Media Payment Proof
h12-media payment proof
h12-media payment
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91 Responses to "H12 Media"

  1. andre says:

    see friends as thieves are scoundrels in Brazil I kill a motherfucker that,
    I complained because my payment was late he send me email and banned my account without my company receive false payment careful not to use it

    • H12 says:

      Your payment is already processed. You should not fuss here. Attached the screen shot of your disabled account as a proof. If people wish, we can add Paypal screen shot of your payouts. You can’t damage a company’s good reputation with a poor lie! The company may choose to stop with you anytime if you blackmail them unfairly without any financial problem. H12 Media’s unique daily payout method and high payouts are unbeatable! That’s why we pay every year million dollars to our publishers. Yes your account disabled. You do not have any right to make money with H12 Media. There are tons of networks ready for you to pay you 0.01 USD of eCPM instead of 0.30 USD! Take care!

      • andre says:

        you must pay the correct day you takes me five days to pay whatever I be satisfied? which agreement and charges 10% to pay in one day !! who is right to complain?

        • andre says:

          you can not complain because it is banned from the system and the company of China or Cuba

          • H12 says:

            Yes. Absolutely you have rights to complain about our delayed payments. But we do not delay payments weeks, months, years! All the payouts may delay a few days as you see at our FAQ and Contact page. A few days of delay does not give you any right to do this here! You absolutely here to find a way to damage the reputation of H12 Media and the unacceptable thing is this. This is not a high street bank’s ATM, this is a media company that have a unique and unbeatable payment system. %10 is a risk fee only. Because you are requesting earnings of last few days with next-day payout. This is something like pre-payment you complain. Instead of fuss here for your delayed daily payout because of %10 fee, you could choose net-30 to get paid! It does not have any fee. Media companies collect money from advertisers based net-30 to net-60 days. By the way, thank you for trying our network. I know you did not satisfy with payment system we have. So, we wish you to have good luck in your further business with the monthly net30 to net60 payment termed companies.

  2. andre says:

    careful they do not pay $ 100 I have to admit it did not pay step 3 days after the payment request

    • H12 says:

      It seems you are here to damage our good reputation on internet. H12 Media never missed any payment to its publishers and will never work with any one that can damage our good reputation unfairly.

  3. andre says:

    careful they do not pay I have $ 100 to receive elee not already paid foot step 3 days after the payment request

  4. ahmed says:

    trusted network good paying but some times low cpm

    and bad support

  5. penjual roti says:

    They do pay, but their policy is too vague. If your got earning like $8-10, chances are, u going to get suspended by the end of the month.

    Use this ad if you are confident with your traffic, preferably comparable to a fully functioning online forum powerhouse. And there is also conversion rate. Means high impression and favorable clicks. If all you got is high impression, they might consider not suspending you, yet.

    They got good support team though. They helped me out when the banner won’t show up on my website.

  6. binho says:

    is scam, I sent several emails and simply ignore me

  7. It’s hard to find experienced people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  8. zieluu24 says:

    Recommend MediaCPM.pl Team. Daily Payout

  9. jenny liu says:

    we are looking for PC traffic based on CPM , if you can help us, please feel free to contact with me via email or skype :solidclix.jenny , thank you !!!!

  10. LinhNhi says:

    cpm rate is rezo? 13k im -> 0.03$. Why?

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