paxum     Paxum is the young electronic payment system worked out and registered in Canada by a company Paxum Inc., got distribution and popularity in the countries of North America and Western Europe.

Company Paxum Inc. founded in Canada as early as 2007, and the electronic payment system Paxum appeared in the internet and began work in 2010. A main office of company and payment system is in city Montreal, there are offices in Chicago and Glasgow.

Paxum purchased for two years of work popularity at a vast audience, rendering services of developers of web-sites and partner programs in аdalt industry. An address of the payment system is in the Internet –

Interface of maternal web-site in English language, Russian or some other interface it is not envisaged for the web-site of the system. This one of annoying, but not critical inconveniences, because even an a bit owning English user will be able to be easily enough orientated on a web-site.

To those users, who would like to get the map of Paxum, and to work in future with this payment system, it is necessary attentively to read rules works of the system and condition, on that services appear users. It is needed to remember that Paxum is a not bank, and a profit gets from motion of facilities, but not from that holds money on accounts. Besides storage of any sums on accounts in the system Paxum will not bring no dividends to the proprietors of accounts – on these sums percents are not charged extra. And motion of facilities of Paxum provides not bad.

Those, who registered oneself in the system as a private person, or opened a business-account, the plastic card of MasterCard, to that these accounts tie down, is sent. Due to this map the user of the system can translate money from a сhecking account into a map and to get cashs them practically instantly.

During registration the user of the system (necessarily attaining 18) must give copy of the passport (pages with a photo and record about registration), and also copy of any other document there is a photo of user (driving certification, military ticket) in that, and in support of place of registration are copy receipts about payment of building services.

After the receipt of the scanned copies of these documents a company sends to the users a plastic card absolutely free of charge, and during two-three weeks she usually appears for a proprietor.

Taking off money that users translate on the map of Paxum, is possible in any point of the world by means of any ATM. However it is here needed to remember some subtleties. In particular, according to the rules of Paxum, in a day on an account it is possible to put or take off at most 2500 dollars or to carry out 10 operations on the removal of facilities, and in a month a sum that can be drawn from an account makes only 10 thousand dollars, that does not arrange some users.

For every transaction at the removal of money in ATM the system Paxum takes two dollars, thus regardless of whether the conducted operation was successful. Also 0,5 dollar copied off from account for every viewing of balance by means of ATM. Translations into the payment system Paxum also are not free of charge: for every such translation of Paxum will take a commission in size of a 0,25 dollar. Very made happy the users of the system that the map of Paxum without problems cooperates with PayPal. Especially this possibility was estimated by auction of Ebay lovers.

Those, who has an account in Paxum, can also carry out the transfers of costs by means of the systems of Money Gram and Western Union, but a commission for every translation will make $5.

On the whole, as any electronic payment system, Paxum has the defects and pluses. To dignities of the system Paxum it is possible to take the very rapid transfer of costs from a wallet purse to the map, and also practically instantaneous transfer of costs between the accounts of Paxum. Also to the pluses it is possible to take simple enough procedure of delivery of plastic cards of the system and distribution their ordinary mail free of charge, not high cost (only near 45 dollars in a year) of maintenance of map.

Commissions in Paxum also are subzero enough, but time will show, whether they will be saved at such level with the height of popularity of the system.

signUP Paxum


Paxum Inc.
3484 Des Sources Blvd., suite 205
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec
H9B 1Z9

Phone: 1-866-347-4781
24/7 Automated Phone System.
00:00-23:59 EST
07:00-15:00 EST

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