Global Market(Adonly)(Closed)

Global Market

Global Market Network Description
Gloadmarket is a CPM ad network. Become a publisher and start generating results from your online activities. We are sure that we are an ad network and gain trust from you.Publishers BenefitsInternational network
Dedicated account management
Will earn 5% of the income of publishers that you have introduced.
1$ minimum payment
Payment method: PayPal, Wire transfer, Western union
Timely payments
24/12 publisher online supportGloadmarket using some new technology to help publishers get the highest CPM. You can become a publisher, and start using our system right now.

Global Market Network Details
Commission Type: CPC, CPM, POP
Minimum Payment: $ 1
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire, Western union
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:
Email:  [email protected]
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Global Market Payment Proof
Gloadmarket payment proof
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27 Responses to "Global Market(Adonly)(Closed)"

  1. Aalesund says:

    when we get our payment for December 2015? I have requested payment in early December and had to get it on the 10th, but nobody received payment from you after you changed the payment system. Adonly says: “Notice: Payment will be taken 3 times a month, on the 10th, 20th, and 30th. For example: You request payment on 3rd then you will get paid on the 10th.” But I have not received anything yet. 3 years I had no problems with payment, was great, but now what happened? Is are now SCAM site?
    In Digitalpoint I saw that other people have problems with payments after December.
    I tried to contact through Support Page but the page loop between domains and
    I tried to contact through Contact Form but I get no response.
    I think that the has become another scam site.
    If someone from reads this, please answer me why there are problems with payments.

  2. adonly says:

    We have all of evidences to identify blocking account of publisher when dispute happens. And we never accept displaying AdOnly’s ads on any traffic: bot, proxy, socks, surf, PTP, exchange, fraud.
    For the websites displaying AdOnly’s ads, we collect all analytics report for each website’s ID. In additions, we count ad clicking time, ad displaying time, website closing time, screen resolution, browser resolution, flash code, browser type, operating system, action, conversion, IPS, Ref, Page, Iframe.
    That is a circumstance which causes bad effect to our prestige and break our Tearms & Conditions. Therefore, then AdOnly has right to disclose any information for the third party including Adswiki.

  3. katielohman1 says:

    adonly is big scam i always remember one thing that never trust small and cheap ad networks as publisher we always use big and top ad networks like tribalfusion, aol, technorati etc. so its my humble request to all of you don’t use it and don’t waste your time and traffic such a cheap and fraud ad network thanks. i sent them a message that
    you’re no doubt a fraud company small shit ad network. all the people was right that adonly is scam ad network they don’t pay so don’t waste your time but i ignored them and try your network myself and today i must say that you’re scam ad network fuck you . thank god i have no big money amount in my account i had just 3 dollars in my account 🙂 so thank you for awakening me about your scam at the initial stage of my publisher account. you’re not big ad network. you can check pic below

    • adonly says:


      Thanks for your comments. After reading them, I know you are trying to justify your actions. Previously, we had an email explaining why your account was locked (because most 60% of your traffic is from Microsoft bingbot (without any action and the browser is not valid). Some ad networks like tribalfusion, aol, technorati they will never accept you, because your site has content that does not conform, the traffic is too low. We have enough evidence to cease cooperation with the account that cause risk for advertisers. We control fraud on click displaying from the real IP address but without any action, conversion and fake IP addresses from the server supplier, hosting, sock proxy. Username you used to log in that you showed in the picture does not exist in our system. It seems to be that you attempt to discredit AdOnly but that did not cause any effect on us.


      • katielohman1 says:

        hey you cheap ad network you’ll never defense yourself bcoz everyone knows you’re lying 😛 i have other networks who never complain me about my traffic. according to google analytics i have legit ways of traffic so shut your mouth and get out from this awesome website. i know people will trust on me not you so hey guys stay away from them they will lock your account with not any reason and stole your money so its my warning to all readers please stay away from them and if you want to give them any chance or try why not give them try and see yourself their fraud and scam thank you

  4. Saif alam says:


    I’ve received payment from you can see proof :

  5. globs says:

    i am using gloadmarket in my site
    am getting around .10$ ecpm

  6. some say scam some say that they have been paid so what scam or not? I don’t want to wait for 1 month to prove it myself

  7. remo says:

    GloAdmarket pay one time i had received more than 5 payments without delay but now a days they are counting very very low impressions for 1200 visitors they are counting only 460 impressions we had sent mail also to this network but still no replay from them.

    Regarding payment from GloAdmarket they are NOT scam

  8. bgb6220 says:

    my proof payment 🙂 thx GloAdmarket

  9. GloAdmarket says:

    Dear webmaster,

    We is not a scam. All domain is rejected due to violations of our terms. So, it will not get paid.

    For example: Hide ads, Hit, boot, exchange traffic, refresh .v.v.

    Now just go to the link:

    GloAdmarket Support

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