Popads.net prepared a new adcode to maximize your revenue

Below is the new message come from PopAds newsletter.

Dear PopAds Publisher,

In order to improve our service, we have prepared a new adcode. It brings following changes:

  • Secondary adcode script location. Current adcode uses only one Content Delivery Network(CDN). In case that one network experiences technical problems on one or more nodes, our adcode will stop working. New adcode resolves this problem by utilizing two separate CDNs.
  • Default Minimal Bid has been set to 0. This means that you give us the control of your Minimal Bid so we can maximize your revenue. The reason behind this change is that we have plenty of traffic from countries like Vietnam and at the same time we have advertisers wanting to buy it, but at lower rates. We believe it is better to sell a popunder at lower value then not to sell it at all. This change will not affect rates for countries for which we already have good rates. Also, you can always change it the way you like, however if you are not sure how the Minimal Bid works and you are just after maximizing revenue, please keep default settings.

In order to get the new adcode, please log in at PopAds and go to Code Generator. While the old code will continue working, we suggest to update the adcode as soon as possible.


In other news, we will be doing a hardware change in our networking equipment in order to improve service stability. This change will be made at the end of May and will cause up to an hour of downtime(both panel and adserving). Additional email will be sent prior the change, more details will be also posted on our technical status Twitter account (https://twitter.com/PopAdsTech).


Best regards,
Tomasz Klekot


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