SolidTrustPay is the new enough and quickly making progress payment system. Mention about her in the search engines of the internet appeared at the beginning of 2008. Central office of company, founding SolidTrustPay is situated in Montreal (Canada), there and this system is registered.

SolidTrustPay is considered one of the most reliable payment systems in the whole world. It shows the recent sociological questioning conducted among the users of the internet of North America even. On his results SolidTrustPay collected most voices among voting, gaining the lead the same in the list of the preferred payment systems.

As well as in other electronic payment systems, комиссионные collections in SolidTrustPay depend on the type of the chosen account. Them three types: Personal (registration free of charge), Business (registration of беслатная) and Corporate ($ 50 affiliation fee, subject to the compensation, if not accepted). If for an user Personal, then a commission for the receipt of facilities will make 1,5 percents and 0.25$. On Business is a 2,5 percent and 0.25$.

Advantage of Business before Personal consists in that the conclusion of facilities from the system takes place quicker, id est requests on the conclusion of holders of Business are processed first of all. Yet on Business it is possible to accept payments from credit cards. There is also such account as Corporate. Scoring first of Corporate costs 50$ with the subscriber pay of 15$ in a month. Also a commission is the here highest is a 3,5 percent and 0.25$. Advantages are only for large corporations, for an ordinary depositor this account is very unprofitable.

There is the partner program. On her terms an user gets a 1 percent from every taken off commission from payment of partner that is attracted by an user to work with SolidTrustPay.

In the system SolidTrustPay there is SSL encipherement and encoding, at included in an account it is needed to enter a password only, thus there is not a virtual keyboard. From within an account it is possible to include defence on IP and change of browser. Id est if you call from other IP or browser, on Your e – mail will be deported code that must be entered before included in an account.

SolidTrustPay disposes the own blog, on that it is possible to find all latest news, verified обменники and many other interesting things.

Into this payment system there is a living chat that often is on-condition. Machine addresses are also indicated:

– in Canada: Canadian Address SolidTrust Pay – 6717381 Canada Inc. Mailing Address : PO Box 551 Bobcaygeon, ON K0M1A0 CANADA Physical Address : 47 William Street Bobcaygeon, ON KOM1A0 CANADA

It is possible will call on free telephones: Toll Free phone: 1-877-801-1777 International phone: 1-705-731-0908 Fax(domestic & INTL) : 1-705-731-0341

From December, 9, 2011 the payment system simplified procedure of verification of account for the reception of plastic cards. After it he became yet simpler.

Which are advantages of the use of SolidTrustPay? An user can translate facilities on any account and do safe payments in the mode on-line. The transfer of funds is free of charge and a recipient pays only the small paying for the use by service for a remittee. There is a great number of salespeople, programs and services that can be paid from account of SolidTrustPay and they are constantly added.

It is possible to score first in SolidTrustPay and to the habitants of countries of former Soviet Union, in this case translating of information is envisaged into the Russian language, therefore registration for such users is not difficult.

Not looking on advantages, this payment system can not find wide distribution in Europe, especially east and can not make competitions to the systems taking this market, prospects and potential of development of the system SolidTrustPay are very great therefore.

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