OpenX announced that it has acquired JumpTime, Inc. (JumpTime).

Acquisition Creates Digital Advertising’s First Combined Content and Advertising Technology System

LOS ANGELES, October 29, 2012 OpenX Technologies, Inc. (OpenX), one of the world’s leading providers of digital and mobile advertising technology, today announced that it has acquired JumpTime, Inc. (JumpTime). JumpTime is a pioneering technology company that helps publishers calculate the financial value of their content assets in real-time and optimizes revenue by increasing user engagement with the most valuable content. The combination of JumpTime’s content optimization platform with OpenX’s existing ad technology creates a unique content and advertising technology system. For the first time in the digital advertising industry, publishers can ensure that they are receiving the highest price for their advertising while also generating the page and video views that deliver the most engagement and the highest value for their content.

Historically, no one has provided online publishers with the tools and technology to accurately value and place their content. JumpTime’s unique approach solves this problem by demonstrating that publisher content has measurable value. JumpTime provides publishers with tools to act upon this information and make better business decisions.

The company has already been granted three patents for its innovative technology. At the core of JumpTime’s patented technology are algorithms that calculate the exact value of a website’s content in real-time. In particular, JumpTime’s Traffic Valuator product provides decision support tools for online editors. The application suggests placement of headlines, videos and photos based on how well this content drives users into the most valuable areas of a site. Without selling additional advertising, JumpTime customers have experienced revenue lifts up to 90%. Combined with up to 150% lifts that OpenX’s yield optimization product provides, publishers using JumpTime and the full OpenX platform should experience significant revenue enhancement.

JumpTime’s customers include some of the world’s largest media companies. The JumpTime team includes leading technologists and media experts with experience growing online audience engagement for companies like MTV, Nickelodeon, Yahoo! and Amazon. The team, including its three founders, Michele DiLorenzo, Andres C. Rodriguez and Anke Audenaert, will join OpenX as part of the acquisition.

“The digital ad industry has almost exclusively focused on one dimension – increasing the price of ads – to increase revenue,” said Tim Cadogan, chief executive officer, OpenX. “Our acquisition of JumpTime blows open this limited paradigm by moving to optimize price and volume simultaneously. The combination brings a much broader and more powerful, audience-focused approach to increasing revenue by optimizing both content and advertising. JumpTime’s ability to help publishers optimize the way audiences experience their content combined with OpenX’s ability to optimize and serve ads from all revenue channels creates an incredibly powerful revenue management engine. We think publishers worldwide will be very excited about this brand new approach.”

“This is great news for JumpTime and for publishers,” said Michele DiLorenzo, senior vice president/general manager, business development and media platforms, OpenX, and former chief executive officer, JumpTime. “JumpTime’s mission has always been to help publishers maximize their return on their quality content. Now as part of OpenX, we will become the first complete revenue partner for publishers and will help to usher in the next wave of digital media monetization.”

JumpTime is available immediately. For more information, please

About OpenX
OpenX is one of the world’s leading providers of digital and mobile advertising technology, enabling businesses to manage and maximize their ad revenue. OpenX products, including OpenX Enterprise, OpenX Market and OpenX Lift provide a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service platform by combining ad serving, an ad exchange and a breakthrough approach to yield optimization.
OpenX Technologies, Inc. is based in Los Angeles and is backed by leading investors including Accel Partners, Index Ventures and SAP Ventures.
For more information, please visit

OpenX is a trademark of OpenX Limited.

JumpTime and Traffic Valuator are trademarks of JumpTime, Inc.

Source: OpenX

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