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Propeller Ads Network Description
Propeller Ads Media is a fast growing advertising company, providing targeted reach and quality inventory.
Propeller Ads mission is to deliver better performance to advertisers and higher revenues to publishers. To maximize the value of each advertising dollar, our marketing model combines the powerful optimization and targeting technology with relevant media inventory.
With comprehensive solution for planning and implementing profitable online advertising campaigns we make digital advertising effective and reliable. Propeller Ads Media meets various marketing objectives for advertisers and publishers and provides with professional sollution.
Propeller Ads Network Details
Commission Type: CPM(Cost Per Impressions)
Minimum Payment: $50 for PayPal payments ,$100 for Payoneer, $500 for wire transfers
Payment Frequency: NET 10
Payment Method:  Wire, Payoneer,EPESE, Webmoney
Country: UK
Contact: Telephone: +4402032864880
Email: [email protected]
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Propeller Ads Payment Proof
payoneer propellerads
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610 Responses to "Propeller Ads"

  1. They are the best! I get $5-$10 a day using their banners and popups! I get like 5000 impressions and 150 clicks a day! I am very happy with them!

  2. JackRmx says:

    Recived payment. Thank you !

  3. FILES2K says:

    Stay away from this ad network, don’t pay. Thay pay only this admin of site to post payment proof to atract peoples. but don’t pay me don’t pay my friends. No buddy recived payments from them.

    IT’S 2013 this is a legit SCAM NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Staicu says:

    Anyone recived payment this monht September? In my account say PAID but don’t recied.

  5. Rudi Palmera says:

    I Currently using propellerads,com…
    So far, i’m satisfied with their CPM Rates.. 🙂

    Keep it Guys…

    I’ll update when got the payment from them.. 🙂

  6. manish kumar says:

    hello…..i joined propeller ads but i am unable to generate code of ads. so please tell me how to create code of ads ?

  7. sac nan says:

    they advertise “get paid upto 10$ cpm”but pay on conversions only. they are scammers.please stay away from them.



    My username on propellerads is: (sf_lorian)
    I have a problem i don’t recived my payment for last month.

    I talk with my account manager and say my last month earning can recived after 2 month.

    Today i talk with other personal manager and say that:

    [19:06:35] Florian Staicu: Publishers are paid on Net 30 days from the date the invoice is received. (i.e. payments for January traffic will be paid on February 10th.). say on FAQ and i have about 300 for last month and don’t recived any payment this month
    [19:06:37] Olga Cox: and ask to supprot you
    [19:06:40] Florian Staicu: ok thank you OLGA
    [19:07:16] Olga Cox: don’t worry
    [19:07:20] Olga Cox: we’ll pay you asap
    [19:07:36] Olga Cox: will ask Kate to find the reason for the delay
    [19:07:45] Olga Cox: sory for that 🙁
    [19:07:48] Florian Staicu: thank you OLGA for your support
    [19:07:55] Olga Cox: np at all


    Olga Cox is not my account manager and say that you should have received it and does not know the cause delays.

    Kate Jones – my personal manager say me:

    “I see That you have profit with us for May – $ 7, you CAN see it in your stats. The Matter Is That We Can make paypal for you if There Will Be at Least $ 50. So I see That there is $ 174.63 for July. 174.63 We Can knit it together and make this payout and seven for you in the Beginning of September. According to NET 30 we pay for July on September for example. ”

    I have:

    Total: 1 164 462 12 507 195 1.56 1.07 0.25 $ 292.31 not $ 174.63 for last mont

    Anyone know if I can clarify.

  9. We reviewed propeller ads by using them for 3-4 days. We were absolutely not satisfied with them having paid with $0.00 CPM rate.

    When contact support team, they say we need conversion. No CPM network ask for Conversion or CPM.

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