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Monetize your inventory,Easy setup and installation,Auto eCPM optimization tomaximize earnings,Detailed statistics
Mediacpm Network Details
Commission Type: CPC, CPM
Minimum Payment: PayPal(No Minimum) , Moneybookers($5.00)
Payment Frequency: NET 45
Payment Method: Paypal,Moneybookers
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:
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Mediacpm Payment Proof
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58 Responses to "Mediacpm(Closed)"

  1. Prothoya says:

    mediacpm scam. dont use. they dont pay me. 1st month i earn small, they pay 2nd month i earn 200$ , request payout and in 3rd month i earn 500$

    but now they dont send me 200$ also and blocked my account for earning more saying my site had iframe. i had to use google to know what is iframe . they simple bluffing. rightmedia blocked them so they start new site to cheat them again

  2. paulo says:

    Hi, i don t make nothing this only detectes same ip and we use cookies to detect same pc like this one

    Dublicate account found on our site
    Publisher ID : 984
    Contact Name : xxxxxxx
    Affiliate Email : xxxxxx

    IP Adress :
    Another account ID : 936

    its impossible for users in different houses to use same ip and same computer.if no one cheat us we just pay for traffic sent if any one cheat of course we delete one of the accounts as our terms says only one account is allowed.

    • samantha says:

      I see… then okay 🙂 good luck… i just said what was written on forums.

    • zzzzzzzz says:

      Mediacpm is a total unprofessional network!

      They are showing the PayPal emails of their users in the payout proof page and violating the privacy of tje users and moreover risking the securoty of the their PayPal accounts by openly showing their email addresses.. Such an unprofessional network.. Never use it

    • leo says:

      Absolutely true zzzzz…. this site is crap… i joined some days ago, earnings were already very low… but from yesterday they have installed a “new server” and instead of increasing, the earnings now have halved.. they are counting half the views now.. and earnings are so so so low.

  3. Kyle Andrews says:

    To those who believe you are scam just forget about them as we dont give a damn sh!t about them.
    We as “your publisher” believe that you are a good man.
    Just keep it up.
    Someday we will prevail all of those people.
    Maybe they’re just envy you or maybe they also have CPM sites and just want to have the earnings that you also have every month just ignore and dont mind them.
    Atleast we know that mediaCPM
    And that is the only reason why mediacpm is still here.

    Yes I understand that at the very first glance when you enter the mediacpm you will feel some doubts, its normal because you are human, but come to think of it, nothing will happen if you just keep on commenting bad on it, instead why just give it a try?

    Posting payment proof here isnt enough to prove anything for you. But Im sure you gonna feel happy when you earn bucks when payment comes. Just follow the terms to stay your account alive, dont edit the tags, stay it on the right size and visible.

    Lastly THE ONLY THING here is that I GET PAID, Im not forcing you on what you think. And its for you guys to BELIEVE me or NOT to believe me, but in the end is I GET PAID.

    • rock says:

      stop it paulo! writing fake comments with different names will not change the truth. Mediacpm is SCAM and will always be a scam!!

      • paulo says:

        i am not making any false coments and i am not using more accounts, yes scam is allways a scam and lies are allways lies so nothing to fear about comments at websites where admin aprove everything . i know the true and over 1000 publishers know the true so cheaters can writte what they want and also owners of other networks can writte what they want to every one is free to leave if don t get paid but is not mediacpm case.
        thank you

  4. samantha says:

    fuck mediacpm! we hate you! you are cheater! I did not do anything but you banned me, wasted my time, money, traffic

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