AdHitz Network Description
AdHitz makes it easy to buy and sell advertising online, giving advertisers and publishers more transparency and control. With banner and text ads, AdHitz has created a simple and more effective advertising marketplace for advertisers and publishers of all sizes.AdHitz is a subsidiary company of ClixSense Inc., whos Corporation is headquartered in Rome, NY
AdHitz Network Details
Commission Type: CPC,Auction
Minimum Payment: $ 25
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Method: Paypal,Wire
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:
Email:[email protected]
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AdHitz Payment Proof
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7 Responses to "AdHitz"

  1. Ronen Raveh says:

    CPM Rate higher

  2. carlosuniversal says:

    very good

  3. Gtx says:

    I have just scammed by them, waste of time and money for a month and 2 days, started on January i registered my site, and everything worked well, until they removed my site on feb 2. Then i removed their ad code too and replaced their ad code with another and better ad network.
    My site generated $149 with them in January 2015, so i checked my account on feb 21, 2015 (one day after payment due date), because i haven’t received the payment yet, and guess what? My revenue changed and reduced from $149 to only $14, all counted clicks removed, and the last, my balance changed to $-0.08 (wow, good job adhitz). So i submitted the ticket regarding my problem, and they replied that my site is not suitable for them and they said all generated clicks are invalid (i swear all the clicks are natural based on user interest), so all revenue gone away and i didn’t get paid. If my site was not suitable for their ad network, why didn’t they removed my site immediately after registered? Or change the system to manually qualify websites before approving to start generating revenue? So it will not waste publisher’s money and time! I believe that all their advertisers had also spent their money before they can place their ad on publisher’s site, including my site, there were also 2 direct advertisers had interested and spent their money to my site with adhitz, so where did all the money go to? Holly crap and thanks adhitz. By posting this, i hope this will not happen to the others!
    (Sorry for bad english)

  4. joodeep says:

    adhitz suspend my account.
    $89 dont send.!!
    wasted my hard work

  5. Hyder says:

    I’m using this network since many years on my blog. I received payments from 1-11 days of every month when my payments reached to $25 for PayPal. They also pay through Payza on $50.

  6. Neolexus says:

    Does Adhitz work with adsense

  7. when the balance of my pay to paypal? ..

    My $ .29 yesterday pending balance of payment, until the 10th of this why I have not received payment to paypal, and I check my balance was now reduced to $ .20? ..

    What adhitz scam? ..

    why my balance was reduced, but I have not received payment? ..

    if adhitz proven scam and I do not accept advertising payments will adhitz me off of my blog and I will tell everyone in the world if adhitz scam

    I wait until 10 tomorrow if I do not receive payment I will say to everyone in the world is a scam adhitz

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