12 Essential Tips To Maximize Your Mobile Ad Revenue

The explosive growth of mobile technology was predicted a few years ago – and this prediction had strong grounds, as we can see. Mobile devices have become the main point of contact between companies and potential customers, and, therefore, one of the main channels for advertising. Of course, the mobile advertising strategy needs analysis and evaluation of the results – otherwise, its placement does not make sense. And if you understand that your current result is still striving for what you want, then we have compiled a list of 12 tips that allows you to make your mobile advertising more effective.

Employ Several Mobile Ads Networks

Here, everything obeys the laws of logic. For example, if you want to sell your old bike, you will surely use all possible advertising sites – from p2p marketplaces to word of mouth. The same goes for mobile advertising – the more networks you use, the more applications, and accordingly users, you can reach. Moreover, performance indicators in different networks can vary from day to day – within 20%. Using multiple networks for advertising allows you to maintain high performance regardless of fluctuations.

Use 320 × 100 instead of 320 × 50

Studies show that this size gives the best results. Moreover, when you apply the 320 × 100 format by default, 320 × 50 blocks can participate in the auction. This increases the chances of showing ads on a mobile site.

In addition, it is necessary to test the formats and track the response of users depending on the situation. Sometimes interstitial ads also make sense, since it is impossible to miss such an advertising format.

Catch Users When They’re Ready for It

Behavioral factors are not only about assessing the quality of content on a site using Google algorithms. It can also be about advertising. Bind your advertisements to specific user actions, such as downtime. For example, you can show your ads in a reading application at a time when the user moves from a read chapter to the next, or in gaming applications – after completing a specific task in the game and before starting the next.

Mute the Sound

There is nothing more annoying than a sudden sound, especially when it’s an advertisement. Especially when the user likes to keep his phone in silent mode so as not to get annoyed even on an incoming call. Especially if you offer goods or services for children, and your target audience is young parents who have just put their children to bed and now hope to spend time in their favorite applications and absolute silence.

Work on a Marketing Message

You can create the right mobile advertising from a technical point of view, however, it will not make sense if you overlooked the marketing component. All factors matter here. The size of the advertised block, visual design, text message, call to action should be correctly integrated with each other and create the right associations with your brand. Therefore, if you are sure that you have done everything correctly from a technical point of view, that your ad definitely hits the target users, but the performance indicators are not growing, try revising the marketing component.

Eliminate False Clicks

Try moving the ad unit away from the main page content by at least 150 pixels. Such a solution will not only increase the visibility of advertisements but also significantly improve the usability of the mobile page, reducing the number of random and false clicks.

Turn Geolocation On

If your company sells goods or provides services tied to a specific place, then geolocation is what you need. Yes, the coverage will be less, but the effectiveness will be greater – due to the fact that your advertising will work only with those users who are physically located near you and may be interested in your offer.

Think About Native Advertising

The modern reality is that users are already used to living in constant informational noise and turn off their consciousness when there is a suspicion that right now the advertising stream will be poured on their heads. Therefore, the most effective way to talk about your company, but not cause rejection is native advertising. That is, this is an ad that is as much as possible interconnected with the subject and content of the site or application. By the way, if you need quality content, you can always choose the freelance authors on the Online Writers Rating review website.

Returning to native advertising, here the situation will be similar to the geolocation example – you will get fewer users, but they will all be hot leads due to the fact that your theme (and the theme of the site on which they saw your advertisement) is already close to them.

Use 300×250 Format for Higher CPM

Studies show that the default visibility rate for ad units in this format is at least 50%, and they are more often shown at the top of the screen.

Make Ads Entertaining but Not Intrusive

Do you remember we talked about native advertising? There is still a condition that will help you make your mobile ads more effective. Try to make your advertising blocks interactive and entertaining. For example, if you need to advertise a game application, then it makes sense to show part of the gameplay in an advertisement, providing it with a marketing message and a call to action, as we already said. Even if the user is indifferent to the game itself, most likely such a game advertising format will not cause rejection and irritation.

And Re-Show Your Ad Unit

Yes, advertising can be intrusive – and mobile advertising also does not have immunity against this. However, there is the research that proves that the more often we see a positive and correct advertisement in front of our eyes, the more strong positive associations it forms. Therefore, it makes sense to repeat the display of your ad units to users – even those who were not initially interested, but who might be interested in it. And of course, here you need to feel a very thin line between the correct frequency of displays for the formation of the necessary associations and foster curiosity with frank intrusiveness.

Come up with A/B Options and Measure the Result

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill – and you can implement all these tips, but they will be effective only under one, the most important condition. You need to constantly test your ads playing with different categories of users, choosing different sites and applications for placement, optimizing the size of the advertisement, changing the frequency of displays, trying new calls to action, and so on. Only real practice can give the most truthful answer to the question of how to maximize your mobile ad revenue.

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