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Valueclick Description
ValueClick Media is the premier Internet advertising network for advertisers focused on performance and publishers who wish to earn the most for their available inventory.
•Founded in 1998, ValueClick Media was among the first online advertising networks and an early pioneer of performance-based pricing models.
•We reach over 593 million unique monthly visitors worldwide and over 172 million in the U.S.
•We reach 80.5% of the U.S. Internet audience across more than 8,500 quality sites.
•Our network serves more than 31 billion ads every month to users in 275 countries.
•We manage over 750 million anonymous consumer profiles.•We have access to over 2.5 million proprietary and third-party behavioral attributes for targeting.
Valueclick Details
Commission Type: CPC,CPM,POP
Minimum Payment: $25
Payment Frequency: NET20
Payment Method: Paypal,Cheque
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:818.575.4500
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8 Responses to "Valueclickmedia(Closed)"

  1. gigi says:

    how to sign up cant fine it ??

  2. Timoty says:

    This is perhaps the worse ad network I have worked with, the eCPM is HORRIBLY low. Most of the ads are spammy and they look very bad. I strictly recommend avoiding this network, it brings nothing but horrible income and miserable looking ads.

  3. find a niche says:

    If I may well –perhaps you need to take into consideration incorporating numerous photographs. I do not imply to disrespect what youve said; its very interesting, indeed. Even so, I am would react to it considerably more positively if they may be some thing real for a ideas. Continue the good work, but put just a little a great deal more with it next time.

  4. Tim says:

    Yeah they’re are a great network – you can read my in-depth review of ValueClick over at AdBalance

  5. Keyser Soze says:

    I can confirm that ValueClick Media is a good choice. I’m a ValueClick publisher since more than 3 years and they always paid me on time.

  6. se71253 says:

    it’s best.

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