CPX Interactive(Closed)

CPX Interactive Network Description
As a global online ad network with a state of the art proprietary ad management platform, CPX Interactive is redefining the online advertising landscape. The CPX Network allows advertisers access to unlimited pools of online inventory while integrating customized suites of data points and providing total insight into both process and results.
By offering all components of a successful online advertising campaign (data, targeting, reach and account management) under one virtual roof, CPX Interactive continues to prove itself to be much more than ‘just another ad network.’ CPX Interactive strives to uncomplicate the fragmented world of online advertising by providing campaign elements and execution that delivers on what has always been the real promise of the industry…efficiency.
CPX Interactive delivers more than 30 billion impressions to more than 200 million unique users in more than 60 countries every month, and was named the 6th fastest growing privately held advertising/marketing company in the US by Inc. Magazine in 2008.
CPX Interactive Network Details
Commission Type:CPC,CPM,POP
Minimum Payment:$ 50
Payment Frequency:NET30
Payment Method:Paypal,Cheque
Contact:Telephone:(800) 368-1872
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CPX Interactive Payment Proof
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4 Responses to "CPX Interactive(Closed)"

  1. Recommend exoner.com
    CPM Rate higher

  2. Kishan says:

    min payout is50$. and the payment proof is of 7$???
    did they increased min payout rates?

  3. Kaiser Soze says:

    CPX is by far the worst ad network I have ever worked with. The fact they have the balls to put Net-30 in the above is laughable. My IO with them said net-45, but not only have they never hit that, I was told by my account manager that they hope to START hitting net-60 payments soon. They may be one of the largest, but I am not sure how they got there, or where the money goes, because it definitely isn’t going to their publishers.

    • Neo says:

      I tell you a story,
      CPXi don’t pay us from July 2014 to September 2014 . on oct 2014 we ask for payment. thy say we got invalid click on your traffic from the starting that mean from july 2014. that why thy refund to advertisers.
      regarding that i ask them 2 question.
      1. if we have invalid traffic from the starting why thy don’t inform us in the fast week, why inform us after 4 Month.
      2. if thy make the refund to advertisers provide us a proof . so we can talk with our Publishers and solve out the issue. how ever we pay on NET 30 all payments are done.
      and try reply
      1. unclear answer . and say again “got invalid click on your traffic from the starting”
      2. no reply about it.
      how ever we don’t got any ban or problem from appnexus regarding our account.

      Please think before give high credit. in these 4 month our revenue is $84756.75 , we star work on July 2014 we never got any payment how ever CPXi is a reputed company we give well credit, but its really heard to find form out side who is legit.

      Before give high traffic run a test creative and them ask them for verify the traffic. i hop its help you in future.

      I’m Just tell you what happen with us,
      I’m not say any Network is bad.
      Thanks for understand !

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