Ad Sizes And Formats For 2012

Following the trends of the last few years, ad sizes and formats are getting bigger and bigger in an attempt by advertisers to better grab people’s attention and redress the increasing problem of “banner blindness”. The IAB continues to focus on the leaderboard, wide skyscraper, medium rectangle, and rectangle sizes, in their Universal Ad Package – meaning that we will see more and more advertisers wanting these sizes and ad networks offering them to publishers.

Below we’re got a graphic outlining the different shapes and sizes of the various official advert types around at the moment, and the table beneath sets out the aspect ratio of each one, as well as linking to lists of ad networks offering that size.

Rectangles and Pop-Ups

NameWidth / pxHeight / pxAspect ratio
Medium Rectangle3002501.2
Vertical Rectangle2404001.67
Large Rectangle3362801.2
3:1 Rectangle3001003

Banners and Buttons

NameWidth / pxHeight / pxAspect ratio
Full banner468607.8
Half banner234603.9
Micro bar88312.84
Button 1120901.33
Button 2120602
Vertical banner1202402
Square button1251251


NameWidth / pxHeight / pxAspect ratio
Wide skyscraper1606003.75
Half page ad3006002

Sizes in bold are part of the IAB’s Universal Ad Package.



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