Rubicon Project Drives Automated Advertising Revolution to Next Level

LOS ANGELES – Rubicon Project (, which operates REVV, the advertising industry’s largest, fastest and easiest-to-use real-time trading platform for buying and selling digital ads, announces significant results and accomplishments that clearly demonstrate the company’s momentum as it powers the automated advertising revolution to the next level globally.


“Our momentum stems from the fact that Rubicon Project is solving the biggest problem in digital advertising today – making it easier for advertisers and publishers around the globe to buy and sell digital advertising.”

Founded in 2007, Rubicon Project has led the digital advertising industry into a new age of increased automation. Until recently, purchasing advertising had been a very complicated manual process. The company’s advanced engineering platform, REVV 4.0, now provides buyers and sellers of digital advertising with the tools to transact with one another efficiently and effectively.

In terms of metrics, Rubicon Project’s REVV Platform is used by more than 500 of the world’s premium publishers, including 40 percent of comScore’s top 500, to transact with more than 140,000 advertisers across a massive, immensely scalable marketplace.

Rubicon Project’s customers include: eBay UK, Time, ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, Tribune Company, Virgin Media, People, Universal and legions of other Fortune 500 companies.

Processing more than 6X the volume of stock trades on NASDAQ (which translates into over 2,000,000 transactions per second), Rubicon Project’s REVV Platform powers 6 billion ad trades a day, nearly 180 billion ad trades per month, and three trillion bid requests per month.

According to comScore’s recent results, Rubicon Project has been ranked #1 in terms of U.S. Internet reach for the past 10 months, and its reach continues to grow faster than its competitors’. More than 97 percent of U.S. Internet users, as well as 650 million global users, interact with Rubicon Project’s REVV Platform every month. In effect, no other company in the world reaches more Internet users.

One of the Fastest Growing Ad Technology Companies in History

“During the past six years, we’ve invested a tremendous amount of time and money into technology research and development, and we’re now one of the fastest growing advertising technology companies in history,” explains Frank Addante, Rubicon Project’s CEO and Founder. “Our momentum stems from the fact that Rubicon Project is solving the biggest problem in digital advertising today – making it easier for advertisers and publishers around the globe to buy and sell digital advertising.”

Adds Greg Raifman, Rubicon Project’s recently appointed President: “Our customer base continues to expand rapidly, and our leadership position within the digital advertising industry is deepening, because buyers and sellers recognize that our technology innovation and products are boosting their revenues and profits. We continue to distance ourselves from the competition on many fronts.”

Increasing Customer Acquisition – and Satisfaction

The numbers bear this out.

For the six months ending March 31, 2013, Rubicon Project gained more than 200 new publishers and 100 new buyer channels that use the REVV Platform for display and mobile advertising.

“Bringing our business to Rubicon Project has been an excellent decision for Star Tribune,” says Ray Faust, the publisher’s Vice President for National & Emerging Media Sales. “Rubicon’s active approach to customer service has been almost as big a win as our expansion into active programmatic selling. They pay attention and their REVV platform functions very well for us.”

Lauren Glass of The Blaze, a division of Mercury Radio Arts, echoes this. “Rubicon Project provides an incredibly high yield for every opportunity we present to them,” she says. “They do this by combining their unparalleled transparency, insights, and controls with a level of service that exceeds our expectations. They are, in a word, our ‘partner.’ “

Currently operating in six countries, Rubicon Project is adding customers and growing rapidly around the world. Outside of North America, the company now has more than 300 publisher customers using its REVV Platform. And its international revenue continues to grow at a tremendous rate year over year.

Mobile customer wins have been just as powerful for Rubicon Project. In less than two quarters, the company has added 80 publisher customers in this fast-growing segment; and these new customers represent more than 15 percent of Rubicon Project’s target market of top 500 publishers.

A Cutting-Edge Technology Platform Rooted in Engineering Excellence

Rubicon Project’s most recent product offering, Connect, has also delivered significant results in the marketplace. In fact, sales of Connect, an integral feature of Rubicon’s REVV 4.0 platform, are running ahead of the company’s planned goals.

A unique innovation and industry breakthrough, Connect automates higher-priced direct orders between premium publishers and large agencies, rather than focusing on auctions of unsold lower-priced inventory.

More than 50 publishers have installed Connect so far, including the Wall Street Journal, eBay UK and Hearst. And virtually every major agency trading desk has access to browse and purchase inventory and audience packages offered by premium publishers via Connect, as well. In addition, the resulting deals transacted are beyond $20 CPM, in some cases, versus CPMs as low as $0.10 for certain auctioned inventory.

Continuing on a Strong Growth Trajectory

Concludes Todd Tappin, Rubicon Project’s recently appointed Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer: “The company continues on a strong growth trajectory with particular momentum in real-time bidding (RTB). The shifting of audience attention from off-line to on-line, expansion of platforms like mobile, and migration toward automation are all market factors helping to propel Rubicon. Just as importantly, Rubicon continues to gain market share because of superior engineering of software and feature-sets, an increasing roster of premium publishers and buyers fueling network effects, a unique data position and proprietary real-time cloud computing technology that decreases response time and increases revenue.”


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