10 Best Pop-unders Ad Networks for Publishers – 2018

Pop-under Ads open in a new browser window which is hidden under the main active window. They do not disturb the user and are viewable once the main browser window is either closed or minimized.

Nowadays, as banner advertising is getting less effective, so, publishers and advertisers are looking for new innovative ad formats that can perform well for them. And one of the innovative ad format is Pop-up or Pop-Under Ads. Pop-under ads are not new in advertising industry but they are highly effective and generate high revenue for publishers.

Pop-under ads are getting popular because they not only perform well but the ad networks offer very high rates for pop-under ads as compared to conventional banner ads. However, both of the ad formats have their pros and cons, And most of the network provide multiple ad formats at the same time, So, i will not go into deep and will focus on the topic only.

See the Top 10 best Pop-Under Ad networks 2018 as described below.If you too are looking for a formidable Pop-Under Ad Networks, then you are perfectly at the right place.

1, HilltopAds | Choose your pop advertising format for best monetization of big traffic volumes sites.

HilltopAds is best at pop advertising. We have huge variety of CPM offers for your traffic. Request CPA / CPC offers from your Personal Manager.

HilltopAds is one of the top popunder ad networks offering 100% fill rates, good support and high eCPM rates, mainly on mobile. For publisherS, HillTopAds pop under ads sections including adult and that appears to be one of their main focus.


2, Propeller Ads | Display and Mobile Advertising Network

Propeller ads has been recognized as one of the fastest growing ad networks on the internet. It is the best network for Pop Under ads. By using CPA & CPL conversions, propeller ads can offer upto 200% higher payouts as well as 100% monetization of all visitors. The ads are high performance and can be used for inventory monetization. Users also get real time detailed statistics.

With Propeller Ads, you get to select the best-performing ad campaigns. Propeller Ads offers you more than one reason for selecting it as your preferred Pop-under Ad network. With Propeller Ads, you get 100% inventory monetization, the own ad server solution, real-time detailed statistics, 24/7 qualified support and much more.

All AD Formats: Onclick pop-under ads, Mobile web ads,Classic banners,Direct links,Video ads

3, PopAds.Net | Simply the best popunder adnetwork in the industry!

PopAds advertising network specializes in pop-under ads on the Internet. It claims to be the best paying advertising network as far as pop-under ads are concerned. PopAds is a fast, efficient, and secure pop-under advertising network. It offers you an opportunity as an advertiser by bringing top quality visitors to your website. You can even become a publisher and get an opportunity of monetizing your website traffic with high-quality pop-under ads.

PopAds advertising network claims to be the best paying pop under ad network as far as pop-under ads are concerned. It offers you an opportunity as an advertiser by bringing top quality visitors to your website. You can even become a publisher and get an opportunity of monetizing your website traffic with high-quality pop-under ads.

It promotes your website efficiently and processes the payment request on a daily basis for publishers. PopAds is currently hosting multiple category advertisers from as much as 50 countries. Picking the right category and keywords for your site you can effectively monetize your website traffic through pop-under ads. It offers a rate that mostly depends upon visitor traffic as well as website content. Plus: it offers high security and perfect support as well.

4,Ad-Maven | The Leading Popunder Network

Ad-Maven offer advertisers over 500 Million full screen ads daily impressions to promote their brands. Highly advanced and detailed self-serve platform is at your disposal to launch your campaigns in minutes, using high quality targeting to reach the right audience.Along with all other formats, Ad-Maven is known for high performance Pop Under ads. The best part about Ad-Maven is that it by-passes all adblock extensions hence increasing earnings by a 25% margin.

All AD Formats: Popup,NewTab, Banners, lightbox, interstitial, slider

5, Clickadu | Fastest growing popunder ad network for web and mobile channels

Clickadu is the fastest growing popunder ad network for web and mobile channels. The biggest tracking software providers Voluum, AdsBridge, Bemob, Binom, Tracking Desk recommend Clickadu as a trusted traffic source for top media buyers. We have a number of exclusive contracts, self-made high-innovative technologies, anti-malware, bot and fraud filtering IT tools, not to mention a high-skilled international team.

Publishers get access to multiple payment methods with weekly payouts. It is easy to add any website, from blogs to microsites, all kinds of websites. ClickAdu focusses on Pop-Under and Click Under Ads. Its site validation process is quick and takes a maximum of 1 day. It ensures that the right people see the advertisements.

You are here to get the best solution for your blog or website monetization. The experts of the ad network Clickadu have a vast experience in turning desktop and mobile traffic into a stable profit. We pay webmasters (publishers) for impressions of on-click ads, pop-ups or popunders, on a CPM basis (cost per mille or thousand) at rates which are higher than other ad networks may offer. While most ad networks provide 30-50% fill rate Clickadu has 100% fill rate which means that all your traffic is monetized.

All AD Formats:  Push Notifications, Pop-ups, Popunders, Banner

6, Adsupply | High-Impact Digital Advertising

AdSupply is the ad network of choice for publishers looking to better monetize their site traffic. Our innovative ad platform generates more revenue for publishers by creating additional ad inventory and increasing the value of each visitor.

Incremental revenue done right is our pledge to publishers. We’ve invested millions to develop the next generation of display advertising solutions to safely maximize CPM per page. Our patented high-impact ad server was built with you and your audience in mind.

All AD Formats:  PopUnder, Leave Behind, Floating Banner, Scroller, Before You Go, Standard Banners, Interstitial,Overlay, Content Blocker

7, Poptm | A Popup & Pop-Under Ad Network

AdSupply leadership has been working together for over a decade to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our companies and business partners in the digital space. Founded in 2011, we have built an ad network with lessons learned from our years as advertisers, publishers, and software developers. We created our company and technology to solve the problems we faced in our customers’ shoes and to provide solutions for a better digital marketing world.

8,PopCash | Buy and sell popunder traffic with the leading advertising network

PopCash is the most effective pop-under advertising network offering full control over your ad campaigns; you can choose when to start, pause or stop the ads. We can safely say the are one of the best pop-under advertising network that are fast, reliable, and secure. PopCash processes withdrawals on a daily basis as long as you meet their minimum payout limit which is currently set at $10.

Exclusively CPM pop-under, PopCash offers good CPM rates, limits pop-ups to one for one user session and works best for good rates if visitor traffic originates from different developed countries through the network has a good presence globally. It also pays daily.

9,  AdsTerra | Solutions for Advertisers and Publishers

Adsterra is yet another very famous Pop Under ads network available on the internet. It is useful for both the publishers as well as the advertiser. There are multiple ad formats out of which PopUnder is most used. Adsterra works on CPM, CPA, CPL, PPI and other options resulting great results in performance. Their realtime data is very dependable and accurate.

Adsterra is also a powerful option for advertisers, they offer CPM, CPA, CPL or PPI options which help the advertiser to get best ROI. Advertisers can advertise their product or services thru varies options like Popunder, display ads, etc. Advertisers can make advanced targeting which helps them to target a specific audience. With real-time data, advertisers can optimize their campaigns and track ROI in real time.

All AD Formats:  Display banners,Popunders,Direct links,Pre-roll video,Push notifications,Interstitials

10, PopUnderTOTAL | Premium Pop-Under Ad Network

PopUnderTOTAL will maximize your advertising revenue with cutting-edge pop-under technology.

PopUnderTOTAL offers cost per view services under a real time bidding system, meaning that you will get the maximum amount of money each time one of our ads is displayed to a visitor of your website.

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