MaltaCPM Network Description

MaltaCPM is working as a ad network. MaltaCPM provide maximum benefits to all advertisers and publishers. MaltaCPM introduce a unique platform to publishers. From this publisher will earn a lot of income at minimum time. In online advertising world MaltaCPM provides live report, 24/7 support, automatically payment, CPM, CPC & POP ads at one platform for the first time With an account manager available for changes, issues and of course optimizations.

You could change ads code into Script code and iFrame. MaltaCPM provides all type of ads format. Easy to use just click on tag code and past it at any website.

MaltaCPM team is working with confident that every publisher will join MaltaCPM ad network and will be beneficial.

MaltaCPM ads is working in friendly atmosphere with Google Adsense.

MaltaCPM Network Details
Commission Type: CPC /CPM/POP
Minimum Payment: Bank ($500), PayPal ($100), Money Booker ($100), Payoneer ($100), Skrill ($100)
Payment Frequency: NET30, NET45, NET60
Payment Method: Bank, PayPal, Money Booker, Payoneer, Skrill
Country: Malta
Contact: Email:[email protected]
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MaltaCPM Payment Proof
MaltaCPM Payment Proof
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167 Responses to "MaltaCPM"

  1. Mii says:

    I have been mailing you since last year. You owe me about $70 earned on your old server before you moved to atomx. After moving to atomx, you have refused to pay, You asked for my account login details and said you would pay. Then you stopped replying to my mails. I contacted you on Skype last month, you replied but when I started asking for payments from old server that you have been owing for almost a year or more now, you stopped responding. Why are you not paying me? Nothing was wrong with my account, No complaints about traffic and I was not banned. So, why withhold my funds? How can you live with that? huh? I have decided to write here and see what you have to tell the world about this since you have decided to ignore my mails and chats!!

    • MaltaCPM says:

      Some time client not read our payment terms and submit ticket for payment. Many time i have tell you about payment terms. Finally i have decide to post term again. You just read on AdsWiki or below in my comment.

      Minimum Payment: Bank ($500), PayPal ($100), Money Booker ($100), Payoneer ($100), Skrill ($100)

      Payment Frequency: NET30, NET45, NET60

      But you payment is only 70$. If you earn more 30$ then i will pay you. Thanks

      • Mii says:

        I am not a fool! And, I can see the terms. When I was running your ad on your first server, your payment threshold was $50. You increased it to $100 after moving!!!
        So, stop lying!!!! As at the time I stopped using it and as at the time I requested payments, it was $50 paypal & $100 wire!!!!
        Just pay what you owe instead of looking for excuses!!!

  2. Amin Traffic Saller says:

    I have received email from maltacpm support. About NET0 payment remaining days of March. I have lots of traffic. Can i start work today. And can you pay me remaining days payment on NET0 term?
    I am waiting your response.

  3. MaltaCPM says:


    Finally MaltaCPM Advertising Network start working with SmartAdServer. Who want to earn from SmartAdServer then will join MaltaCPM. Within 3 to 4 hours you will get final approval.

  4. Don’t worry. You can test JagwarAdsMedia Ad Network. With Smart Ad Server, Atomx, and Appnexus platform.

  5. HotNewHipHop says:

    Helo MALTACPM today i have received only $131.84 dollars in my paypal. But i am waiting $11 dollars more. When you will process remaining $11 dollars.

  6. Kusumo Indonesia says:

    I would like to recommend maltacpm network to my all friends and followers.

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