Adland-Media Network Description

Adland is a global ad & affiliate network, we specialized in connecting advertisers looking for great results to publishers and affiliates looking to generate more revenue out of their sites and online assets .

Advertiser ? Enjoy our global reach of pay per performance traffic. working with all pricing models: CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPI….. we can support almost every offer on the planet!.

Publisher or affiliate ? Our unlimited number of offers and great optimization technology will satisfy all your needs! let us find the best offers an tools for you to get the most out of your site or online asset.

Adland-Media Network Details
Commission Type: CPM, CPC, POP, CPL, CPA
Minimum Payment: $ 50
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire, Skill
Country: ISRAEL
Contact: Telephone: 97235478704
Email:[email protected]
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Adland-Media Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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13 Responses to "Adland-Media"

  1. adland says:

    Adland has more than 1000 publishers and In rate cases usually as a suspicious for fraud traffic payments are beeing delayed in order for the compliance department to check each case
    Adland will have 0 tolerant for boot and fraud traffic and will continue keeping the network clean and on the highest standards

    Adland media team

  2. senemree says:

    Noam Gechtman is a Tricker.
    Shahar Pergamenikow is a Tricker.
    Also Adland-Media is a Tricker. SPAM!!!
    [04.01.2017 14:46:44] Emre Şen: Noam
    [04.01.2017 17:18:42] Noam Gechtman: yes
    [04.01.2017 19:38:42] Emre Şen: Whats your minimum payment?
    [04.01.2017 19:47:41] Noam Gechtman: 50$
    [13.01.2017 16:21:49] Emre Şen: Noam I have earned 92$ last month, Please payout it with payoneer.

    [31.01.2017 23:08:55] Emre Şen: Noam Hi
    [31.01.2017 23:33:09] Emre Şen: When is the Payment day?
    [01.02.2017 10:08:12] Noam Gechtman: until the 10th all payment will be sent
    [01.02.2017 13:52:35] Emre Şen: ok
    [10.02.2017 17:33:16] Emre Şen: Noam
    [10.02.2017 17:34:42] Emre Şen: Should I write something on Adswiki and Affpaying for your payment? You said to me “until the 10th all payment will be sent”

    I am still waiting it.
    [10.02.2017 18:11:56] Emre Şen: If you don’t pay today, I will write some bad things about your company on adswiki and affpaying.

    Thanks ( I will control tomorrow my payoneer account.)

  3. faresdz says:

    i dont recieve my payment 9 month
    Noam Gechtman scam just willl total scam
    support 0/10 scam

  4. senemree says:

    They Are a Big SCAM… They didn’t payout my money. Always tricking me.

    Noam Gechtman and Shahar Pergamenikow they are just a cheater.

    If they pay me, I will write here.

  5. dana says:

    they said that they will pay july activity on 1-5th this month, but i didn’t receive any payment until now
    they also stop responding my messages

  6. eplsite says:

    Adland Media is a scam network they did not pay me.. So beware

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