CPMFiX Network Description

The best revenue for your inventory. Guaranteed!
Yield optimization

Our algorithm generates the numbers and gives you sound indicators on how to improve your yield. You can also either choose between let the system do the optimization for you or make changes by your own. You can even sort the class of ads you want to host and we will manage it, so you give more value to your ad space.
Real time bidding

Relevant advertisers face off dispaly their ads through you, making sure that you get the highest possible payout. In a split of second after user opens your website, advertisers bid in real time to display their ad to that user.
Dedicated account manager

He is always ready and helpful to optimize your yield. Your account manager is your partner in the business. If you have any question or issue, you can always rely on him or her.

CPMFiX Network Details
Commission Type:CPC /CPM /POP
Minimum Payment:$ 0.1
Payment Frequency:Weekly, Request
Payment Method:Paypal
Country:Czech Republic
Contact:Email: [email protected]
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CPMFiXPayment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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4 Responses to "CPMFiX(Closed)"

  1. stephy_mediawhite says:

    we have WW inventory for desktop ,mobile web and in-app.
    Brand Safe and 100% transparency.
    Lets Talk!
    Low CPM

  2. Mii says:

    Apart from the reports that you claim will be adjusted after (which makes no sense), why will anyone want to use an ad network that ‘packs’/loads seven ad banners in a single adspace????

  3. Michael.M says:

    Don’t worry , error when they show reports but they’re still good , when I withdraw I had waited for 2 week each time , your earning is much more than that report, enjoy it when you withdraw. I received payment 3 times .

  4. Mii says:

    7 ads in one ad space plus low impression count… #Bullsh*t

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