PopUnderTOTAL Network Description

Premium pop-under ad network
We are not the first, not even the second pop-under ad network on the market… But, that’s exactly why our team will work twice as hard as any other competitor to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our features for publishers:
– Premium high paying campaigns
– No minimum traffic required
– Minimum withdraw amount of $1.00 USD via PayPal or $500.00 USD via Wire transfer
– Withdraw requests are processed within the same day
– Approval in less than 2 hours for your domains
– Real time bidding technology to insure the maximum amount of money for each view.
– 100% fill rate, worldwide
– 24/7 live support

PopUnderTOTAL Network Details
Commission Type:POPUNDER
Minimum Payment:$ 1
Payment Frequency:Daily. Request
Payment Method:PayPal and Wire transfer
Contact:Email: [email protected]
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PopUnderTOTAL Payment Proof
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Rating: +43 (from 75 votes)

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21 Responses to "PopUnderTOTAL"

  1. adsmart says:

    As other users said, they have very good cpm and also offer daily payments to publishers. So I recommend them!

  2. sellonline.ueuo.com says:

    popundertotal am not sure yet.

  3. poptraffic says:

    Still one of the best ones.

  4. alexey says:

    Nice support and high eCPM for quality traffic.
    I recommend this network !

  5. CPace12 says:

    Best Ad Network ever !

  6. michel says:

    I have received 5 payments so far. All payments are on time (fast-moving – it takes about 30 minutes to send the payment) and rates are good too.

  7. Rimon says:

    Don’t Use PopunderTotal. In my blog I have put three Popup. 1. Popads 2. Popcash 3. wwwpromoter

    I have just test popundertotal for few days. its very worst experience. After putting 3 days of popundertotal my earning reports are:
    1. Popads (avg $1.12) (But Before three days my popads earning $+3)
    2. Popcash (avg .56)(But Before three days my popcash earning $+2)
    3. wwwpromoter (No Earning) Becoz I have put popundertotal instead of wwwpromoter)(But Before three days my wwwpromoter earning $+2)
    4. PopunderTotal (avg .79)

    Note: my daily traffic was avg +7K

    I’m shocked. Only one add code (PopunderTotal) Effect my earning. Before putting popundertotal my daily earning total avg $7.
    After Calculating I have Totally Removed popundertotal code tag from my blog and my daily earning increasing as before it was.

    I Have Just Shary My Experience…


    • tgves says:

      Next time try placing 20-30 ad codes on every page… Let’s say i’m a regular visitor. If i see 3-4 pop-unders jump from a website I’LL BE DAMNED SURE NOT TO VISIT THAT SITE AGAIN.

      Further more… there’s no actual reason why your earnings from other networks should be affected by adding another ad code, unless, those other ad networks get their ads from popundertotal.

      I’m not a publisher with popundertotal ( i don’t use popunders at all ) nor do I really care about what’s going on here… I just want to make a statement for dumbos like you that want to make thousands from a few thousand visitors without even being able to speak proper english or having any clue about programming.

      Having a wordpress doesn’t make you a webmaster or blogger. Your priorities should be :
      1. Enlgish
      2. Content
      3. SEO
      4. monetization

      Unless you start improving yourself with the first 3 you’ll keep making pennies.

  8. lindab says:

    They have very good cpm, friendly support and the payment is always on time.
    Thanks AdsWiki for listing it.

  9. netpay says:

    I confirm that popundertotal send payments. I work with them and they sent me all the payments in the last 2 months.

  10. Ad Nets Review says:

    i have read a bad review about this company on digital point forum that the owner already owned few closed and scam ad networks including Adexm, but what i feel now from the reviews above they are paying and working good so far from last 5-6 months lets see what happens next. I have not tried them yet but thinking to try it, if it works for me i will inform you all.

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