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Gambling Advertising Network Description

We provide our advertisers and publishers the perfect Gambling Advertise Network, whether you are an advertiser or publisher, we have the right solution for you.

-Competitive prices, excellent support for any campaign.
-No Minimum Budgets.
-Targeted pay per click, by countries, keywords, time, days.
-Multiple ways to display ads – iframe, javascript, PHP
-Anti-cheating technology.
-Gambling targeted traffic only!
-Variety of Ad Types.
-Net 1st payment terms by PayPal.
-High Payouts & Great Customer Support on a 24/7 basis.

Now you can squeeze every penny out of your site, join in our Network today to receive the
rates and earnings you deserve!

In our network you can put your affiliate link in the ad directly. Which allows you to earn from affiliates without the need for you to have your own website.
We have an amazing set of tools that gives you control of every aspect in your account.

Gambling Advertising Network Details
Commission Type:CPC /CPM / POP
Minimum Payment:$ 5
Payment Frequency:Net 30
Payment Method:Paypal, moneybookers, Western, Wire
Contact:Email:   [email protected]
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Gambling Advertising Payment Proof
adsforgamebling payment proof
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34 Responses to "Ads For Gambling"

  1. Iury Bolotchin says:

    Somebody know if they accept Russian traffic? or any other gambling network, I have a lot traffic from Russia.

  2. John & Steve says:

    When I see this almost I wish to change my niche, anyway I send it for approval a sport site with good traffic, let see.

  3. Romeo K. says:

    They kindly me asked if can post my payment proof and here you go. I hope will be better next month.

  4. Romeo K. says:

    They kindly me asked if can post my payment proof and here you go. I hope will be better in future.


    Nice pay out for gambling traffic and more cert than affiliate income, this always positive.

  6. they seems to have very good payout for specified traffic (gambling), probably not best choice for everyone. Somebody know if they accept another websites news for example?

  7. Iury says:


    Few words about this ads. network: they will pay for CPC and CPM and is a good payment rate (could be better) I can run their ads and affiliate banners, Good customers support. In time payment (once per mount). They could pay the commission transfer rate and they accepted just my best quality websites I still waiting for few to get approve. Overall is a good business. I send my payment proof.

  8. Robin says:

    I’m publisher in this network and I’m happy, is a good payment and more sure than as an affiliate. But they accept just good quality websites and just gambling related traffic. Also good support.

  9. anil says:

    many impression and many clicks on ads but result is 0 this is fraud ad network tyr this and u find me right

    • John says:

      I’m webmaster at, can you sustain your affirmations with some proofs? What kind of website and traffic you have, more details about your account? We suspect you by unfair accusations till not any proofs are not presented.
      We really are a good network and we pay the better rate for quality gambling traffic.

      Thanks a lot!

  10. Patrick says:

    Hi guys,

    I would like to send a recommendation to the advertising network Ive been using them now for a few weeks.

    As a publisher I make decent money and get high CPC for each and every country, they pay good rev-share and they seem to be up for negotiation.

    As a advertiser I get high quality traffic for a cheap penny. I still think its expensive buying gambling traffic but compared to the other ad networks its cheaper at least.
    As an advertiser you can set up cheap CPC campaigns targeted on a certain gambling category with high CTR banners which you can keep track off with sophisticated user reports. You will be able to see how many clicks from which country you got. In your campaign you can specify which gaming niche you want to receive traffic from. Set how much you want to spend daily and the days and times you want to receive it. As well as choose which country you want

    – High CPC for gambling traffic
    – Relative cheap traffic
    – Great support

    – Just Gambling traffic accepted
    – They don’t pay the PayPal commission when paying out
    – At the moment quite few publishers so the amount of traffic sent to advertisers could be better, but still serves at least 1000 visitor within a hour or two.

    The support is amazing and I get response usually within 12 hours or less. If you wish to try them out.

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