AdsBol Network Description

Let the Adsbol network manage your ad space and you’ll never have to worry about you inventory going unsold again. Not only do we offer a 100% fill rate, but also the highest eCPM available for your inventory as your ad space will be bid on by 100’s of direct advertisers, demand partners, DSPs, and major exchanges.

Adsbol is a company that focused on some rich kind of advertising banner models for publishers and advertisement agencies.

For publishers, our purpose is increasing their revenues from their websites. We are trying to do this by providing them some creative ways such as sliding banners, fixed position banners or on-video banners.

While boosting their revenues with theese models, we also offer standart banner types such as 468×60, 728×90, 300×250, 160×600,120×600 ,300×600,250×250 etc. for publishers.

While doing this job, we offer weekly payments for our publishers in order to create a confidence between them. We are looking for long term partnership always, and confidence between Adsbol and it’s publishers is the most important matter.

For agencies, we give them ability to use our system. We offer agencies a control panel to manage their publishers, change banner tags and run reports. While agencies get the ability of serving sliding banners, fixed position banners or on-video banners for their publishers, agencies and of course their publishers make more revenue. We apply a CPM based pricing model for agencies.

AdsBol Network Details
Commission Type:CPC /CPM /POP
Minimum Payment:$ 5
Payment Frequency:Net 30
Payment Method:Paypal, Bank
Contact:Telephone: +90 850 302 9762
Email: [email protected]
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AdsBol Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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41 Responses to "AdsBol(Closed)"

  1. gva says:

    Didn’t you all read below THIS SITE IS SCAM and dont pay they keep changing things

  2. saddik says:

    When payment is made from this site

  3. Pew Pew says:

    It’s say payment minimum 5$. but in website say minimum 100$ 🙁

    I can believe ur website ?

  4. yunita says:

    not payment…

    go away…

    save your time i has contact but nothing replay…

    i have earning 68$ but not pay..

    sick site

  5. MG says:

    They Banned me after sending them message about payment. im sending legit traffic. all of my advertiser pay me except them. they are scammers. i have $280+ pending payment.

  6. Dig says:

    Dont be fool they pay one or two people to keep going follow rules? thats bull they dont pay Bigtime Scammers.

  7. hizlifilm says:

    When the rules are Followed
    Get hassle-free payment
    I’ve enjoyed it
    My thanks

    my site : http://www.hizliizlefilm.com

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