CONTEXTWEB Network Description

CONTEXTWEB was founded on the premise that relevant advertising presented in the right environment to the right people becomes meaningful information that is valuable to them. This provides a positive experience for everyone involved – the publisher that served the ad, the advertiser whose relevant offer was served, and the audience that engaged with the ad.

From our founding in May of 2000, CONTEXTWEB has focused on building out a real-time contextual targeting platform that can analyze the content of any web page in less than 20 milliseconds and allow advertisers to target audiences at scale across the short and long-tail. In 2004, CONTEXTWEB launched an exchange business that leverages this powerful technology to enable publishers and advertisers to trade inventory in real-time, utilizing context as one of the many valuable data points.

Today, CONTEXTWEB supports billions of real-time transactions between buyers and sellers and provides the platform, tools and customer service it takes for publishers and advertisers to succeed. CONTEXTWEB is backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson (“DFJ”) Gotham Ventures, DFJ New England, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Updata Partners and Investor Growth Capital (“IGC”). CONTEXTWEB is headquartered in New York with sales offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and London.

CONTEXTWEB Network Details
Commission Type:Graphical, Rich Media and Text
Minimum Payment:$ 50
Payment Frequency:Monthly, net 45
Payment Method:check, wire , PayPal,
Email:[email protected]
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CONTEXTWEB Payment Proof
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41 Responses to "CONTEXTWEB(PulsePoint)"

  1. silencecomplex says:

    They do pay, but customer service has slowly gone downhill. One-line responses, and a sense that small-medium publishers aren’t as valuable. I’ve had problems and it took too long to have them resolved. They seem to have exploded in size, I’ve seen them change names several times and was with them several years. It feels as though they’ve grown too big for their own good, or cut the number of reps to maximize profit. It’s hard to say, my account manager changed several times. I’ve moved on since to a better network, though I would definitely recommend them to someone starting out. Publishers with good traffic should be as important to ad networks as the advertisers that pay them.

  2. ndak says:

    Can someone please tell about Pakistani Traffic? I am getting 10k IMPS / day. 75% from Pakistan. Please recommend authentic CPM Ad Network.

  3. Manthan says:

    I am getting cpm of 0.0$

  4. Hameed says:


    I have applied for the publisher account in 6 to 7 days ago but still i didnt get any email. I have send them message throught their contact us but no reply.

    I cannot login in to support because i dont have username and password because while filling the form there was no option of username.

    can u please advice me whats going on. because i am really worry .

    Will be waiting for ur replay

  5. Fred says:

    Hi, does pulsepoint pay automatically or do we need to send them an invoice each month.

  6. Emi says:

    jade,can i talk to you in private please? I need a sugestion.

  7. manik says:

    Hi guys, have you received payment this month for October 2012? Thank you

  8. ningali says:

    How about now, Is the site still paying their publisher ? Thanks:)

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