How to improve your eCPMs?

improve your eCPMsCountry Geo Targeting – Allocate impressions based on geo-targeting, allocating high eCPM countries to campaign and low eCPM countries to your own ads or your back tags.

Use rich media – It is a well-known fact that people respond to interactive ads. The good thing is options abound. Stay ons, sliders, pop-ups, pop-unders, are just some of the many rich media ad types a publisher can run on his site. These have great CTR and tend to generate higher eCPMs than standard banners.

Top fold – place the banners in visible locations in your website. This means the users are more likely to see the ad and click on it.

Volumes – it’s all a numbers game! The more you increase your website traffic send the more our advertisers can work on and the better optimized your traffic will be!

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