ELeavers Network Description
ELeavers.com is a contextual advertising network based on content targeting ads. The Publishers Program is an easy way for webmasters, website owners and bloggers of all sizes to earn money by displaying related ads on their websites or blogs. The program is free and eLeavers.com pays you for all valid clicks and impressions on the ads on your site. You simply paste an HTML code into your web pages and ads will instantly start appearing. Advertisers will bid against each other for your ad space and our ads serving system will always display the highest bidders ads, those that will generate the maximum revenue for your advertising space.
ELeavers Network Details
Commission Type:contextual advertising,PPC
Minimum Payment:$ 10
Payment Frequency:NET30
Payment Method:PayPal, Moneybookers / Skrill.com, Alertpay
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ELeavers Payment Proof
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254 Responses to "ELeavers"

  1. gutpta says:

    I think eLeavers is working excellent in advertising . This network is in the budget of all
    new businessmen like me.

  2. gutpta says:

    Really eLeavers is the best contextual ad network.
    You can get high targeted traffic and generate huge

  3. Stacie says:

    eLeavers is really the best PPC ad network. eLeavers provide targeted visitors so anyone can make huge sales

  4. seorobert says:

    yes, it is very nice .

    It is working and I got quality converting traffic so i made huge sales.

  5. Stacie says:

    Beautiful converting traffic I get from them

  6. gutpta says:

    perfectly on time payment and really it is the highest paying network i used.

  7. Jain says:

    Highly paying and always on time, the only cons they pay through paypal only

  8. jahid222 says:

    Try Yllix, Never scam with you. Min Withdraw $1. and very high ECPM after 1 week.

  9. gianghocui1 says:

    yes, best network
    my account
    disappeared without a reason
    I can not log into site again
    because I wonder the non-payment for September and ladder 10
    only $ 100, it funny

  10. Reham says:

    their traffic converting well!!

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