BreezeAds Network Description is the best advertising PPC network that shares 90 % of profits with our Publishers. Our complicate algorithms that mix contextual targeting ads with the perfect look of the ads will lead to higher conversions than any other network out there. After years of testing our skills to optimize the conversion to perfection we decided to make it public and offer it to a wide range of partners and any website owners that want to grow their website monetization. Our Publishers Program accepts almost anyone, from small blogs to huge traffic websites. It is free to join with us because we want to profit ONLY when YOU profit! Once a visitor on your website clicks on our ads you are getting paid. Installation of our script is very simple – all you have to do is Copy & Paste the HTML code we give you and ads will immediately appear. Advertisers on the website are able to bid and the highest bids will appear most on the space where you put the HTML script code. This way we assure that best websites will get the most quality and quantity advertising options.
BreezeAds Network Details
Commission Type:CPC,PPC
Minimum Payment:$ 25
Payment Frequency:NET30
Payment Method:PayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay or Bank Wire
Email:[email protected]
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BreezeAds Payment Proof
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Rating: 3.8/5 (78 votes cast)
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Rating: +42 (from 64 votes)

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73 Responses to "BreezeAds(Closed)"

  1. BRAD HAWK says:

    Good but you have to pay paypal fee.

  2. Romio says:

    They really pay nice 🙂

  3. marrie says:

    i just got my first paypal payment today from… im so happy i can buy new refridgerator now :)))
    next month i should earn 200$ +!

  4. paul watson says:

    excellent paid on time

  5. danny says:

    i find it so hard to believe any of the reviews on this site, espicially after seeing all those positive reviews on eleaves… like why would people who are already banking with a program search for a review on it? you search for reviews when looking for a new platform not when you are already successful with them

  6. Christopher says:

    However what I do like about Breezeads publishing is the ads are really great and much better to look at than adsense, I beleive its worthwhile long-term

  7. Christopher says:

    19 cents for 8 clicks is not even close to what you get from adsense

  8. peter says:

    i banked with amazon affilates & clickbank – pretty simple :
    – create amazon store
    – set up advertising campaign for the store niche..

  9. Malik Asif says:

    Breeze ads says minimum payment is 10$ but I earn 43$. They cannot pay me and my earning is lost in debit.

    • peter says:

      are you sure you werent having fraud clicks .. i heard they ban everyone who brings bad clicks as advertisers like me not feel cool with bad publishers heh.

  10. cromer hoper says:

    good website and great pay end of month.

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