ExitJunction Network Description

Visitors that find your site through a search engine eventually leave your site by hitting the “back” button. The question is, are you making money from this exit traffic?

ExitJunction lets you tap into your site’s potential like never before!

Join the ExitJunction program and gain access to all the necessary tools needed for you to make money from your exit traffic. Earn high eCPM rates!

Now you can get paid for serving invisible ads! Your site ad space remains untouched and you can continue using your current ad-providers on your site, except now you will have an additional revenue stream!

ExitJunction is the only program that monetizes 100% of your traffic. That’s right! You get paid even for your international traffic! Whether you have traffic from the United States, Australia, China or India, ExitJunction will pay for it all!

Keep in mind that ads will only appear to visitors who land on your page from a major search engine. Once a major search-engine user ends up on your site and clicks on the back button, only then will our ads appear.

ExitJunction Network Details
Commission Type:CPC,PPC, Exit ad
Minimum Payment:$ 50
Payment Frequency:NET45
Payment Method:Paypal,Check.Wire
Email: [email protected]
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ExitJunction Payment Proof
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  1. elivn says:

    my site is approve i waiting for payment???????????? soooooooooooooon……

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